Fantasia Officially Announces Her Pregnancy

(via Necole Bitchie) After pictures emerged of Fantasia over the past few months with obvious weight gain, she officially announced at a free concert at an apartment building opening in Jacksonville, Florida that she was indeed pregnant (at the 4:00 mark of the video). After speaking to the audience about real issues and singing a part of her hit song "Even Angels", she announced to an applauding audience that she was carrying her second child. It's unknown if it's Antwaun Cook's child or not.

I love Fantasia. Always have. I love her more after coming out with this announcement and saying that she could care less what other people think of her now. She has obviously grown over this past year, rising above the whole Antwaun/Paula mess, the suicide attempt, court orders, and everything. And that's good to see. Congratulations go out to her and her family!

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