George and Cindy Anthony to Appear on Dr. Phil

According to PEOPLE, George and Cindy Anthony will break their silence on the high-profile case of their daughter Casey Anthony. Casey was set free after being found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee in 2008. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony will appear on the season premiere of The Dr. Phil Show on Sept. 12.

"Cindy and George have suffered a horrific loss with the untimely death of their granddaughter Caylee, and they have since endured an unprecedented public attack on their family," Dr. Phil said in a statement. "Have these attacks been warranted, or not? I looked them straight in the eye and asked some very tough questions. Nothing is off limits during this interview."

Whoo. No punches. I can only imagine. And for those who think that the couple is getting money for this, that's a no. The interview is being done in return for a donation to Caylee's Fund, the Anthonys' charity. "The couple will derive no income from Caylee's Fund," says Dr. Phil, explaining that the charity is "intending to focus on promoting processes to educate the public about – and advocate for grandparents' rights."

"We knew that we'd want to speak at some point and we figured there was no better place than with Dr. Phil," Cindy Anthony said in a statement. "We are hoping that by doing this interview, we will be able to help other people who may be experiencing struggles of their own. We certainly don’t want anyone to experience what we have these last three years."

I'm not surprised. Over this next year, I'm expecting more interviews and stories on this case. I wasn't expecting Mr. and Mrs. Anthony to talk for money. I was expecting them to talk to really just get things off their chest. I am definitely expecting Casey to get some deals. I'm not going to go in, because I have other work to do, but I know that she will be raking in some money when she does her first interview. And it'll have been planned by her and her team. No doubt.

I say now what I say when Casey was found "Not Guilty." Caylee, I pray that one day justice is done, and the truth comes out. What's done in the dark will eventually come to light...RIP babygirl.

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