In The Spotlight: Lil Dep

Have another spotlight for you all. Today, we have rapper Lil Dep! From Miami, 18-year-old Raheem Cooper admits that his life was headed in the wrong direction and getting into music changed his life. Known as Lil Dep, the rapper started in music around 2008. "My godbrother and I opened up a studio and we sorta built from there," he said. From there, he began connecting with other rappers and networking. Now they run their own label Hustle-N-Swag Entertainment.

He actually has 12 mixtapes out right now, and is currently working on his 13th! "[It's] called Pink Slips, so people can look for that late September or early October," Lil Dep said. "I feel this project will be my best one, from the content to the lyrics. I focus more on making classic tracks rather then hits."

Read more about Lil Dep and check some of his songs after the jump!

Out of all of his songs, the rapper's favorite is "Under Table Money" (listen below). "I like this song because I put a lot into this track and the way I wrote it is just jaw dropping and the content is crazy," he said of the song. The song is a testament to his coming from nothing to something, and his belief of being underrated.

"Under Table Money"-Lil Dep

Lil Dep's greatest inspiration stems from his family and friends. He also credits Jay-Z, Eminem, and 50 Cent, "because they're good artists and even better businessmen." He also is inspired by a unsigned group around his area by the name of D-League, because of their dedication and hard work to their craft.

When asked what makes him different from other artists, Lil Dep said that his music is simply not the same. "I just like to think out of the box and I'm not afraid to do what I want to do with my music," he said. "That's why I'm an all genre rapper and that's why I'm different because most rappers don't wanna feel the heat of doing other sounds of music. I don't care. I'm up for it." He credits other talented rappers for keeping him going in pursuit of his dream because it makes him want to be a better artist.

You can follow Lil Dep on Twitter, and check out his official website to hear more of his music! He also told me to give some shoutouts. A first for me, but it's his post, so here we go! Shoutout to Dwayne Dade (not Dwyane Wade before yall say I can't spell), Btk, Barricade, D-League, Oh Ginelle, J. Aires and Matt. Lil Dep credits yall as fam, and thanks you guys for your support.

"Let'em Know"-Lil Dep

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