Jersey Shore Recap (S4, E2)

*This post recaps all of last night's episode of Jersey Shore!*
So after doing a recap of last week's premiere of Season 4 of Jersey Shore, I officially decided that I'll be recapping the show this entire season. Mostly just because I want to. I always have a lot to say and 140 characters on Twitter are simply not enough! For those of you who haven't seen the episode, skip this post. Check the recap after the jump!

The episode started from the club the castmates were in at the end of last week's premiere, with Pauly and Deena still kissing each other's face off. I still say Pauly looked so awkward during that kiss! And of course, the rest of the cast were talking about it. Pauly is hooking up with girls on a regular basis, as well as the rest of the guys with pretty much no emotions attached. I'm not sure if Deena will be able to handle that. Ladies, we tend to get a little more involved in situations like this. Not all of us, but most. I see this ending badly, but we'll see.

Later on, Snooki gets into a little argument with her boyfriend back home Jionni, because she didn't call him. Time differences are hard man! You can't be expecting a call every single day! Anyway, Mike tries to fly in, and "offer relationship advice." Man, please. Snooki, stay with your man!

It's nice to see that the cast continues on with Sunday dinners. It's become a tradition for them, a family get together that no matter who may have argued with another yesterday, they still have Sunday dinner together. It's cute. The struggle to find exactly what food you're looking for in Italian markets though? Insane. Deena and the guys found it hard to find stuff with everything being in Italian.

That same night, the crew rolls out to another club. Ronnie. Ronnie. Ronnie. When he and Sam get drunk, they are A TOTAL MESS AND A HALF! Sammi wants to spill her guys while drunk, while Ronnie wants to dance and fall all over the place, and run his mouth. Apparently, he has a backup chick name Hannah that's he's flying out in some weeks. He even goes as far to say that he got with four girls in three days. I understand you're single, but you don't have to rub "Single Ronnie" all in Sammi's face, especially when you both obviously still have feelings for each other. And "Single Ronnie" ain't lasting long anyway. We all know that. Maybe not as early as I predicted, but the couple will be back together eventually. And there's the drama.....

Even though Mike is still trying to get with Snooki, he meets a girl named Britney while out. Whether or not he did it just to get down, or to purposely try to make Snooks jealous, I don't know. Snooki did seem a little mad though, calling her ugly and everything. She later told Vinny that it wasn't because she wanted to get with Sitch, but was just taking note of how ugly all of the girls are that the guys hook up with. Uh huh Snooki. Be real. If you don't like a guy, why would you care who they hook up with? Maybe it's just me, but if I'm not into a dude, I'm not looking over my shoulder wondering who he has in his bed.

SIDEBAR: Major laughs at Deena's drunk behind falling all over the place! And shoutout to Pauly and Vinny for still holding a top TT on Twitter right now (#shestooyoungforyoubro)!!! When at the club, Pauly noted how hard it is to find a girl of legal age, because apparently they don't really check IDs over there like we do. So who knows if you're messing with a 25 year old or a 16 year old haha. Leaving the club, the duo joked around about it. "If her KEDS light up, she's too young for you bro!" "If she owns Snow White on DVD, she's too young for you bro!" HAHA TRUE! My copy of Snow White is on that good old VHS!

Of course, Mike being the instigator he is, brings up the things that Ronnie said at a lunch. Ronnie wasn't there, else he probably would've went off. Sammi is visibly upset, but doesn't say much. What can you say? You're not with him. Later Mike sits Deena's bed with her, seemingly wanting to cuddle, which is what Deena tells the rest of the cast and she promptly moves away from that situation. Pauly later sort of throws Deena under the bus a bit by telling Mike when everyone went out to eat (THEY ARE ALWAYS AT SOME RESTAURANT!). Deena gets a bit mad, but Pauly later makes up for it by giving Deena a little Italian bracelet. They snuggled on the couch and everything. Awwwwww!

By the end of the episode, Sammi tries to reconnect with Ronnie, whispering in his ear, "I miss you. I wanna cuddle in bed with you." SAM. MI. NO. The hardest thing is letting go. I know that firsthand, but sometimes it's necessary. Ronnie rejected her, but like I said, that rejection won't last long. It's obvious they still love each other. But LORD KNOWS, I'm not trying to have Sammi/Ronnie drama this season!

Just another week in Italia!!!

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