Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere! (Recap)

*This post recaps all of last night's Season 4 premiere of Jersey Shore!*

 Last night, the cast of Jersey Shore took their...nontraditional passport photos, and headed to Florence, Italy. Back to their Italian roots for Season 4! Italy was NEVER ready haha!

Read my recap after the jump!

Before the cast took off to Italy, we see the cast packing as usual,, and having last minute meals and hang time with family and friends. We see Snooki with her boyfriend of six months Jionni. Yay her for getting her man! And shoutout to J-Woww for making it work with her boyfriend Roger (who she officially got with last season after her breakup with stupid ex Tom). Also, we saw"Single Ronnie" last night. He and Sam did not get back together since their breakup...but really? How long is that going to last? I give it until the end of the next episode. Already they were looking at each other. "Ronnie...looks good." Sam had to say. Andddd it starts. All I know is I'm not up for any Sam/Ronnie drama this season. I seriously cannot take it.

Can I ask who did the flight plan for this trip?! How did the guys end up right in Florence where they needed to be, and the girls end up 45 minutes away in Milan?! It's always a race to the house between the girls and the guys, but seriously? The guys got there first, made claims on their rooms, and then had to struggle to get their bags and the girls' bags (when they finally arrived) up two flights of stairs.

HOW NICE WAS THAT HOUSE!!!! Despite that huge climb up those stairs, the shore house can not EVEN compare to the cast's house this season. It's absolutely stunning. Huge living room and kitchen, better rooms, colorful decorating. It's really, really nice. I wouldn't want to go back. Cheers with some warm, bitter Limoncello!

After arriving back home from a carnival, the cast starts talking about who's single. When Deena informs Mike that Snooki is in a relationship, he seems surprised. "I thought Snooks was single." Yeah now that Snooki's been working out, now Situation wants to get with her? Goodbye. Trying to start stuff, he tells Ronnie later that Situation hooked up with Snooki a few times before coming to the house, even when she was supposedly with Jionni. Ronnie found it hard to believe. "She's gonna f*ck up that situation for this Situation?" he says, referring to Mike. At the club later that night, Mike tries to start kissing on her and everything, which didn't work.

It also turns out that Deena has a little thing for Pauly. Well, really just wanting to be friends with benefits. She made her move, and made out with Pauly. Am I the only one who noticed how awkward Pauly looked during that kiss. I mean, he may have wanted it, but it just seemed awkward. And I can't really see Pauly being or hooking up with Deena like that anyway.

We also see the grenade horn, which has replaced the grenade whistle this season. Everybody struggling to use the electricity, with their 5 thousand straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers. That whole house is going to short out. There was also driving in Italy. From the looks of it, Italy has the most confusing road signs I have ever seen. And they have to drive stick on their cars. And Snooki is the only girl who can drive stick...oh goodness.

This episode wasn't a lot of drama, but it's boiling. Just from the trailer of what's to come, this season may be the craziest yet! Check it out below! And also, check out the premiere of MTV's Season 4 "Jersey Shore Hook-Up" series, streaming LIVE in about 5 minutes (at 11:30 ET) from Seaside Heights. The entire cast will be in attendance, talking about last night's episode, and taking questions from fans from Facebook and Twitter!

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