"Twinning"-Jersey Shore S4, E3 (Recap)

Yet another Friday, which means JERSEY SHORE RECAP! Even if no one ever really reads these, I do it just to get out everything out that I have to say!

Last night's episode of the Shore was a pure mess! For several reasons! Check out the recap after the jump!

One, this DTF chick Britney and her twin! Normally, most of the girls that the Shore Boys mess with are gone by the next episode, but not these girls! These crazy girls are IN LOVE/LUST with the Situation. And of course, Mike was trying to make something happen with that situation, hence the term of the night "Twinning (aka a threesome with twins, which is beyond disgusting if you ask me to hook up with your sister, but to each his own). The funniest part of the episode was when the twins kept calling asking for Mike, and Ronnie or Pauly would pick up the phone and eventually just hang up. Then Ronnie pulled a prank by pretending he was Mike and inviting the girls over. Mike got up, and there they were! Line of the night for me was from Snooki: "Why are they here right now? It's daytime." That basically sums of the DTF chick's position.

We also found out that one of the twins, I think her name was Erica, is a VIRGIN. Yet, she was contemplating getting with Situation. She made out with Deena. She hooked up with Vinny. I said to myself, GIRLLLL...if you lose your virginity to ANYONE of those people in that house, I want to come find you and slap you in the face! I just think they're a complete mess. They are LOVING their 15 minutes.

And...Ronnie and Sammi got back together. Who wasn't expecting that? I read on my TL from somebody that Single Ronnie didn't even make it 2 1/2 episodes, which I figured would happen. I'm not gonna spend much time on them, but let me just say that just because you love someone, because you are attracted to him/her, doesn't not mean you should be with that person. Lesson learned for me. I'm not sure what Sammi and Ronnie's relationship is outside of the house, but inside of it, it's just a mess. And personally, I'm not trying to deal with their drama this season. They're pretty low key for now, but I don't want to hear not a single argument! I'm too through with them.

The biggest drama of the night was between Mike and Snooki! Of course, the confession that he gave to Ronnie about hooking up with Snooki a few months before filming ended up spread throughout the house. Can't say Mike didn't deserve it, because he put Ronnie's business out there on several occasions in the past. Boy did things blow up when Snooki found out that Mike said that! SHE WENT OFF! She denied it and told Mike that he was a douchebag, and that she was his only friend in the house and she was through with him. It was a huge argument, with everyone in the house sitting back and watching (And for once, Sammi said, it wasn't her and Ronnie! A to the freaking MEN!).

Now, Snooki is my girl. She's my favorite cast member. But I had to admit that something seemed off to me. I think she was getting WAY too emotional for it not to be true, afraid that her boyfriend Jionni would find out what Mike was saying and dump her. J-Woww said it best last night: If Jionni would believe Mike over you, then you don't need him anyway. But she just kept on crying like she was going to lose him. If I knew that I didn't do anything, yeah I would've still went off on Mike for spreading lies, but inside I would've been laughing like this kid is crazy, we really didn't do anything. For Snooki to get so upset over it made her look a little suspicious to me. I really don't think that Situation is lying this time. And I do believe that Jionni comes to Italy for a bit, so who knows what will happen when she actually tells him all this.

Next week: Snooki tells Jionni about the drama with Mike, and who knows what his reaction will be. Deena and Pauly argue because Deena's become a bit of a blocker, and she used to be just one of the guys. Mike and Ronnie argue over something between Ronnie and Sam, and this will probably be the episode where Ronnie knocks Mike out!!! I wasn't expecting that until at least 3/4 way through the season! DRAMA!

Til next Jerzday!

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