A few people were asking me about the new name, new domain name, and new look. When I first started this blog, it was merely a side hobby. Something that I started when I was out of school, trying to keep busy. But now, it's branched out further than I imagined. I've talked about this each of the two years that Spotlight has been around. Now I'm ready to take it even further. I might not be Necole or Perez, but I'm working towards it. I want to take this blog to another level, because it's become much more than just a side project for me.

Name change? I cut the "In." The blog is now The Spotlight. Part of it is because my editor-in-chief  Marjorie, if I may call her so haha, of the new online magazine we are trying to build (JWWWD.com--Just What We Wanna Do) has been making me banners for the blog. She came up with different versions the other day, calling it merely "The Spotlight." (Isn't she amazing?! I love the final one!) It stuck. Plus, I was thinking of changing it to just Spotlight or One Spotlight anyway, mostly because all of the domain names of any variation of "In The Spotlight" were taken.

That being said, domain name change. The blog's official domain is now Only1Spotlight.com. Again, couldn't find an open domain of just TheSpotlight.com, so I made that one. And there is only ONE Spotlight, only one of me, only one of this blog. I decided to make a domain name change just to be more professional. I've been reading Angel's Laws of Blogging by blogger Angel Laws, who heads up one my favorite blogs, Concrete Loop, highlighting and taking notes. One of the things she suggested was to buy your own catchy domain name. It simply looks better, and is easier to remember. So I did.

If I want to grow this blog, I have to change things up a bit, and that's what I'm doing. I never started with the intent of making money or getting recognition on this blog. It's my passion, and that's why I keep going with it. But who says passion can't have benefits? ;-)

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