Amy Winehouse Died After Seizure From Alcohol Detoxification

According to Entertainment Weekly, Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch Winehouse, has come out with the truth of what was behind Amy's death. While taping Anderson Cooper's new show, Anderson, Mr. Winehouse said that traces of the prescription drug Librium, which is used to fight anxiety and symptoms of alcoholism, were found in her body after Amy passed away on July 23. Amy suffered a seizure from alcohol detoxification. Toxicology reports showed there was also some alcohol in her bloodstream, but it is unclear how that contributed to her death.

Mr. Winehouse also said that he regretted that his daughter was trying to get over her addiction without the help of a doctor. She really was trying to change her life around, but she definitely needed help to do it.

Gone too soon....RIP Amy.

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