Glee Season 3 (PICS)

Sorry for the delay in posts! This past week was pretty hectic, what with getting ready for my SENIOR YEAR of college and all! However, I've told myself that regardless of everything that I have to do, I'm still gonna blog just as much as I did over the summer!

New Directions performs in the upcoming premiere of Season 3 on FOX (Sept. 20 at 8 pm EST!)

With season 3 of Glee starting in a few weeks, thought I would share some of the promo pics (via Access Hollywood)! Check them out after the jump!

Matthew Morrison as New Directions leader Will Schuester

Jane Lynch as the mean and tough Sue Sylvester

Jayma Mays as dewey-eyed counselor Emma Pillsbury

Lea Michele as the sometimes over-ambitious singing machine Rachel Berry
Cory Monteith as football quarterback Finn Hudson

My girl Amber Riley as diva Mercedes Jones!
Chris Colfer as gay fashionisto Kurt Hummel

Darren Criss as Kurt's boyfriend, Blaine Anderson

Kevin McHale as the suave Artie Abrams

Mark Salling as gorgeous Noah Puckerman aka Puck

Naya Rivera as the sassy Santina Lopez

Can't wait for the premiere! Maybe I'll even do recaps this season...hmmm.....

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