"Meatball Mashup"-Jersey Shore S4, E7 (Recap)

Another Jezday gone, another Friday recap! Oh. my. goodness. This road trip to Riccione! Now, nobody loves Team Meatball (aka Snooki and Deena) more than me. They're entertaining! But this episode, they were doing WAYYYYYYY too much!

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So the Shore gang goes for a weekend trip to Riccione, just to get away. Riccione is really a nice place! They all stay at this real nice hotel, right by the beach. It's cool at first. They walk around and explore the area, find a Mike look alike, and all was good. Everyone came up with

The girls and guys split up to do their own thing, and agree to meet up later for dinner and then to head to club. Deena and Snooki get really, REALLY drunk on the beach,  and Jenni and Sam leave them, feeling embarrassed by their actions.Team Meatball continues to drink and heads to this bar where they hear music. It was just a pure MESS!!! The guys end up running into them there a bit later, and eventually leave them, too. Team Meatball was too much this episode. Snooki ends up running in a bush, Deena dances her underwear off. And all the while, they continue to drink. And drink. And drink.

Needless to say, Snooki and Deena miss the family dinner, showing up late and still ordering their food while everybody else waits for them. Then they get in the cab to the club, talking drunk gibberish. They get in the club and start dancing crazily, with Deena even showing her cuca since she forgot underwear!!! And THEN, the duo randomly starts making out....for hours! They make out at the club, they make out in the cab, they make out in the hotel. And I'm just like "Whaaaa?!"

The next day, the rest of the cast goes out to enjoy their last day in Riccione while Deena and Snooki sleep all day. Of course, they wake up and can't remember much. J-Woww and Sam have to tell them all the craziness of the previous night. Insane. Snooki & Deena, I love you both, but don't ever get that drunk again!

Later back in Florence, Snooki tells Jionni the truth about her making out with Deena...and surprisingly he was ok with it. How in the world does he not like it when she burps, or when she talks about sex, but is cool when she makes out with Deena? Typical guy.

A bit later, Snooki and Deena head out to go to the gym, and get in a car accident!!! And, of course, they hit a cop car! Snooki, who didn't have her license on her, gets taken away right before Mike, Vinny and Pauly show up to help them out. Goodness....this of course, is a cliffhanger. We'll see what happens on next Jersey Shore!

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