Selena Gomez Gets Justin Bieber's Name Tatted On Her Wrist?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are now one of the top celebrity couples to watch since they have come out in public with their relationship. Now it seems that Selena may have taken their relationship to the next level with a tattoo of Justin's name on her wrist!

At her performance at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Saturday, Selena had what seemed to be a tattoo of Justin's name on her wrist in black ink. A small heart was underneath.

Rumors have been circulating on whether or now the tat is real or not, especially with Selena and Justin both getting into tattoos (Selena has a small, but real tat of a cross on her wrist, Justin got a matching tattoo with his dad) of the word "Jesus" in Hebrew). Personally, I think it's fake. It looks like the "tattoos" I used to make with a Sharpie on my arms and wrists when I was younger and bored. If it is real, that's a serious commitment. But I doubt it.

Don't know about yall, but I could never get a dude's name tatted on me, no matter how much I love him. Not that I would doubt our commitment to each other, but who's to say if we'll make it or not. Break up, and I still have your name tatted on my wrist, arm, or whatever? Or worse, be like Brandy and get a tat of a guy's face and then have to get it covered with a cat! NO THANK YOU! (Still love you Brandy!)

Selena chill on that ink! Still think she and Justin are an extremely cute couple, though!

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