"Three Men and a Snooki"-Jersey Shore S4, E9 (Recap)

Snooki finds comfort in Vinny's bed.Picking up from last Jerzday, Snooki and the rest of the house are recovering from looking and chasing Jionni all over Florence (after Snooki embarrassed him at the club). Snooki wakes up, wanting Jenni to spend time with her and take her mind off things. However, Jenni is too spent from last night, and honestly, is still a little upset at Snook's antics. So Snooki  goes out by herself, and, of course, heads to a bar and starts drinking and dancing, and telling random people her problems (Snooki, we gotta talk about those fur boots).

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A bit later, Jenni finally gets Jionni on the phone, and Snooki talks to him and finds out that he's getting on a train to Rome. He had told his family the situation, and his mom paid to get his ticket changed. He was still at the train station, but still had to leave. But not really. If he wanted to stay, he could've stayed. Snooki offered to pay the money back (money she has a good bit of. Don't let the pizza shop job fool you. The Jersey Shore cast makes BANK). So if she offered, why wouldn't you take it, if you really wanted to be around? I think more and more every episode that they are simply not meant for each other.

Later that night, the gang heads out to the club. While there, Deena confides in Jenni that she feels like she might be pregnant. She's been feeling dizzy and has been really emotional lately. So Deena and Jenni leave the club, and head to this shady looking Italian pharmacy and get a pregnancy test. Lucky for Deena, she's not pregnant! Can you imagine?! The way Deena smokes and drinks all the time.

Moving on. Snooki talks to Jionni later and ends up getting into an argument again. They're like the new Sam and Ron (In fact, Jenni tells her earlier on in the episode, "Come on Sam, let's go get Ron."). They fight all the time! After that, Snooki gets the idea to make their club Karma at their house. Pauly gets his DJ equipment, they move around the furniture, and just dance it out.

Mike tries YET AGAIN to get with Snooki. And YET AGAIN stirs up mess in the house. But, of course, Snooki shuts him down, and everybody else tells him basically what an idiot he is!

Oh....and Snooki has sex with Vinny!!! haha best for last! I guess she was feeling vulnerable (and also was drunk) and needed to cuddle. And cuddling leads to sex for them. Oh the drama! But may I just say that I think that they should be together instead of Snooki and Jionni. I think Vinny is a better guy for her.

Next Jerzday, Snooki has to deal with the consequences of her actions by manning up and telling Jionni. Who only knows what will happen?

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