"Where Is My Boyfriend?"-Jersey Shore S4, E8 (Recap)

The girls comfort Snooki.This week of the Shore picks up from last week with Snooki's car accident. Snooki and Deena gets taken away because Snooki doesn't have her license. She is noot technically arrested or booked, but she did have to spend some time in jail, while Mike, Vinny and Pauly got them out.

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A little while later, Snooki pulls the ultimate prank! When the rest of the gang is out, notorious stalker groupie Brittany comes over to see Situation. This girl is a pure mess. It's like she doesn't get that Mike was really looking for a DTF chick, and she was really only a one time thing. However, to get back at Mike for saying that he hooked up with her while she was with her boyfriend Jionni, Snooki lets Brittany in, and puts her in Mike's bed. When Mike gets home later, with another girl of course, Brittany, who I'm pretty sure was drunk, pops out of the bed! Mike eventually sends the other girl home, and sleeps with Brittany.

The rest of the episode was really a pure focus on Snooki and Jionni, who finally comes to Italy.Roger, Jenni's boyfriend, was supposed to come, but couldn't get off of work. Of course, Snooki is so happy to see him, and wants to head right to the smush room. Later, everyone heads out. It was a little awkward with Mike and Jionni being around each other. Mike felt really paranoid around Jionni because of his supposed hookup with Snooki.

A little bit later, Jionni gets mad at Snooki for showing her cuca AGAIN as she was dancing, which is understandable. No real boyfriend wants to see his girlfriend flashing in the club. Snooki is fun, but she can be a little too wild sometimes. Jionni eventually walks out embarrassed, and after being chased for what seems like forever, heads back to the house, packs his stuff, and leaves Italy. Mind you, this is all in a day's time! It left Snooki brokenhearted, as it seems like the couple has broken up.

Completely off topic, but I'm so disappointed that I found Ronnie was so short! When he was standing next to Jionni, he looked him square in the eye. Keep in mind that Jionni is only about a few inches taller than Snooki, who is about, what, 4'11? So Jionni and Ronnie only look to be about 5'2, 5'3! Random fact of the day.

Next time on Jersey Shore...Mike tries to get with Snooki yet again, but she finds comfort in the arms of another! Oh, and Deena has a pregnancy scare????! It all goes down next Jerzday!

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