CONCERTS: J.Cole's Cole World...World Tour Hits Baltimore!

Was supposed to put this yesterday, but was a little preoccupied. Anywho, here's some pics and video for the J. Cole concert at Baltimore Soundstage from Thursday night! Absolutely amazing! J. Cole is definitely on my list of artists to interview. Mainly because I was so impressed by his artistry and humility.

Oh, and shout out to the groupies too pressed to touch him that were knocking me around left and right (that's why my camera goes so crazy throughout!). Told my friend I wish concerts were like back in the 60's/70s were people actually just danced and enjoyed the music, rather than being obsessed with touching people! But I had an amazing time regardless! Video and pics after the jump!

Sorry for this sort of blueness in the shots yall. For some reason, as good as my new Sony Cybershot cam is, it was not working with those blue lights Jermaine had on! Most of the vid still came out pretty decent though.

0:00-1:46—Looking For Trouble
1:46-2:56—"A Star Is Born"/ "All I Want Is You"
3:38-4:30—"Daddy's Little Girl"
4:30-6:43—"Lost Ones"
6:43-7:59—"Mr. Nice Watch"
7:59-11:15—"Work Out"
11:15-11:30—"Spin Break with DJ Dummy"
11:30-14:10—"Lights Please"/ "In The Morning"
14:10-18:07—"Can't Get Enough"
18:07-22:39—"Who Dat"/ "Blow Up"

Swear my life has been all about concerts lately! Like I really have money to blow like that....pshhh. Wale later tonight! Bad news: Meet and Greet was canceled. Talk about something that BLEW MY LIFE. :-( It's all good though. Video and pics will still be up! :-)

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