"Party"-Beyoncé feat. J. Cole (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The always amazing Beyoncé dropped her video for "Party" last night. I was going to watch it on 106 & Park, and post it last night, but honestly, I was so tired yesterday, I completely forgot. My roommate reminded me right as I was going to sleep. I think I'll take another moment to say, "I'm SOOOOO over school!" Shoutout to my college students, and fellow seniors in the Class of 2012. We're gonna make it yall!

Anywho, the video was really cool. It was shot in a trailer park, with Bey all glammed up with friends partying it up, having a good time. J. Cole looked great too. There were even cameos from Bey's little sister Solange and Kelly Rowland. Check out the video after the jump!

Loved the video, and love the song! Two mini gripes though. One--where was Andre 3000? I know that this was the remix to "Party," and I love and respect J. Cole (obviously, else I wouldn't have went to his concert last week). But I would have loved to see Andre! I'm not sure if something was going on with his schedule or something, but the original song features him, and that's who I really wanted to see.

Also, this video should have dropped a LONG time ago. This video was shooting in the summertime, around the time that 4 actually came out. And it looks like it's a summer video. Problem is, we are now in fall. And though I hit my dougie to this song every time I hear it, and will party all year round, the video was not fitting for the season. It did cheer me up a little on this gloomy, rainy day in Baltimore, though.

What did yall think of the video?

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