"Situation Problems"-Jersey Shore S4, E11 (Recap)

The Situation walks home alone after getting kicked out of the club.I was doing so well with the recaps on Friday right after the Shore....aw. Someone slap me and tell me to stop being lazy! It was Fall Break, though, and I really needed my sleep haha.

Anywho, because my draft has been sitting in Blogger since Thursday night, here's my recap anyway. Picking up from last week, when Snooki and Vinny had sex, Snook calls to tell Jionni. Jionni doesn’t know how he’s going to get it over it. “I cannot right this second call you my girlfriend.” So they break up over the phone, but Snooki assumes they are going to "work on things." Meh...I’d rather see her with Vinny anyway.

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Moving on, the roommates prep to head out for their last night in Italy (the season finale is Thursday wahhhh!) Deena really, REALLY wants to have sex with Pauly. Pauly isn't really interested, but Deena keeps on tugging. The whole night, Pauly tries to find a DTF girl to be with instead of Deena, but fails, so Deena keeps on asking. While Pauly just keeps on avoiding. Poor Deena haha.

Of course there’s drama with Mike. There's always some kind of drama with Mike. He gets into it with a crowd of guys, and of course, the other male roommates back him up, and everyone ends up leaving the club. Deena and Snooki, who aren't tired yet, head to another club by themselves, and try to party. They are surround by guys making fun of them and their dancing, and not giving them space, so they try to move to another area by the bar. The bartender decides it would be funny to throw ice at them, after which Deena and Snooki proceed to tear up the bar, pushing over bottles of liquor. You don't mess with Team Meatball! I love how the bouncer picked up both of them at the same time and carried them out hahahaha!

The Sunday after, Sam and Jenni cook the last Sunday dinner together, realizing that they are actually cool with each other. At dinner, kudos are given to Sam and Ron for not fighting much during their time there (THANK GOD!), and everyone talks about how they're ready to get back to Jersey. Talk comes up of rooms, which poses a problem since Sam and Ronnie were last rooming with Mike, and no one really wants to room with him anymore because of the drama he's brought. Mike ends up saying that he probably won’t even come to the Shore, which I doubt. I know he was probably hurt by his roommates not wanting to be around him much, but he's brought a lot of that on himself. He's been getting into a lot of trouble with everyone, and people are tired of it. Pauly or Vinny even mentions that there's not even MVP (Mike, Vinny, Pauly) anymore. It's just VP now.

Mike ends up gettting into another fight at the club, but instead of having his back like before, the house ignores him and keeps partying. Mike realizes that he’s alone, and heads back to the house. By the end of the episode, Vinny and the rest of the house are coming to the realization that either Mike has to change his dramatic ways, or he has to leave the house. To be honest, I wouldn't be highly upset if Mike left, but at the same time, he's the Situation! When Angelina left, it really was no sweat off my back. When Sammi tried to leave, I didn't mind. But if Mike left? It would be a little weird. The balance would be off. Out of all of the cast, he's one of the main ones who people know and love to watch the most, just because you want to see what antics he's gonna pull next.

SEASON FINALE THURSDAY!!!! I'll be seeing J. Cole that night, but I'll watch the episode somehow someway, and get the recap up for yall.

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