CONCERTS: Wale's Ambition Tour Hits the DMV!

So for those of you who know me, or those who follow the blog/my Twitter page, you know I love a man by the name of Wale Folarin. And that I have been talking about going to this concert for a long, LONG time! I had bought my VIP Meet and Greet package the second Wale announced he was going to bring the Ambition Tour to the Fillmore in Silver Spring. (Shoutout to Fatz and Black Cobain who performed too by the way)

Unfortunately, the meet and greet was canceled, which blew my life, because I really wanted to tell him how much I appreciated his artistry and his beautiful words. And also to tell him that he doesn't know it yet, but we're getting married one day haha. But it was all good. Per usual, as I am at 90% of my concerts, I was FRONT ROW CENTER! Had an absolutely amazing time! So I have video and pics for you guys after the jump...check them out! SPOTLIGHT EXCLUSIVE!

Here's an overview of Wale and Black Cobain :-) Times below. And I swear ON MY LIFE that I sing a lot better than what you hear on these videos haha. Oh, and by the way, I touched him at the 9:00 mark!!!!*falls out*

0:00-1:43—"4 AM"(Black Cobain)
1:43-3:55—WALE!!!!!! "600 Benz"
3:55-5:31—"Beautiful Bliss"
5:31-6:43—"Chain Music"
6:43-7:51—"Nike Boots"
9:59-11:18—"Sexy Lady" (Tre from UCB)
11:18-12:28—"Dig Dug"
12:28-14:10—"Passive Aggress-her"
14:10-18:40—"Break Up Song"/ "Lotus Flower Bomb"
18:40-20:08—"That Way"

I'll put up some pics in a little bit!

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