Thought you might like to know what's playing in my iTunes library right now....

Swear I have been waiting for today for the longest. Probably since Attention Deficit failed to reach the masses. Can I say again how proud I am of this man. #DMV!!!!

Go to iTunes and buy NOW!!!!!!!!!! 11.1.11 #Ambition! Rocking my Ambition tee as I blog. Life is grand.   :-)

Sad news, Wale is back home today, and will be at a local mall in Largo, MD. Unfortunately, I'm stuck up in Bmore...I guess I have class or whatever. Else I would seriously hop an Amtrak train and hit the Metro and see him, since the meet and greet at the Fillmore show was canceled. My life....oh well. Let me satisfied with my album. Greatness in my ears!

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