"Ambitious Girl"-Wale (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Better late than never, right? Today, Wale dropped his official video for "Ambitious Girl," which was on his 2010 mixtape More About Nothing. Mr. Folarin followed up the track with a Part 2 featuring J. Holiday, which can be heard on his latest mixtape, The Eleven One Eleven Theory. The video is the original spoken word, though. Of course, you know I had to post! Being a part of Team AmbitiousGirls and all! Check the video below!

The video was rather simple, but shared the story of many true ambitious girls, especially at college. Late nights, early mornings, doing what we have to do to make it through school and work. That's true ambition.

This....is why I love him. He's a lyricist, a messenger-poet. And he gave us Ambitious Girls our anthem finally :-)

What did yall think of the video?

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