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Good afternoon all! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I know I did! I took a mini break from blogging just to relax, but I'm back! And with a spotlight for you all!

About a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear an upcoming singer by the name of MMAIO (pronounced ma-yo). Born Amanda Maiorano from Ramsey, NJ, MMAIO got started in music after she joined choir in 6th grade. She liked it so much that she started trying out for other groups. The dream of singing became real to her after she painted a memorial to singer Selena in 8th grade.  She was turned out to the audience wearing a beautiful metallic white dress, her arms up in the air with her mic in hand," MMAIO said of the mural. "I think that is when I realized, 'Could I ever do this?'" She then began participating in talent shows, as well as uploading videos to YouTube, gaining a good response from audiences.

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PR company, As the Music Plays, found MMAIO on the internet, and wanted to work with her. "They approached me in a way that a PR company never did," MMAIO said of the company. "Friendly, but assertive and down to business, responsible and organized." The singer also noted that the company's great strategies and belief in their artists. "I really like the people they are and we’ve been off to a great start! It can only go up from here." she said.

In terms of projects that MMAIO has in mind for her career, she would love to do a downtempo/uptempo album. In the meantime, she is working on new material to release for her fans. The singer is working with several different producers like Juzhin, Willie Bones, and more. "It’s an exciting time. I love having the freedom to do what I want and create the way I want to create," MMAIO said.

She recently released the video for her song “About You." Set on a beautiful beach, the downtempo electro pop song is dedicated to that special one that can get you through life's problems. "["About You" is] just the idea that no matter how crazy life gets, it helps to have someone who can steer you through it, ward off the outside noise," MMAIO said of the song. "For me, it always came back to hearing about him, dreaming about him, and then singing (laughs) about him."

When asked who inspires her in her career pursuits, MMAIO said that she is inspired by many, but calls her close friends from college her lifeline. "They’ve been there from day one, and will continue to be whether I “make it” or not," she said of her friends. MMAIO also notes her manager Daniel as having a major impact in her career. "[He] is a huge driving force that always keeps me grounded and positive," she said. "His ear for music is impeccable and he is the most knowledgeable, yet humble person I’ve ever met. He is a huge part of keeping me going and inspiring me to be the best artist that I can be."

In terms of her favorite genres, she listens to a lot of electro, uptempo dance music, as well as older rock. She also love artists Ellie Goulding, Bjork, Shakira, and Portishead. Though she admits that it would be awesome to be in any of their shoes in terms of her career, MMAIO wants to reach her own level of success. "You have to set your own goals. There’s no label telling you you have to reach this amount of sales in this amount of time..or whatever. We essentially, are all our own labels," she said. "So for me, the day I reach success is the day I’m giving the world my best product and you're receiving that product with warm, open arms."

What does she think makes her different from other singers out now? MMAIO notes her hard work and dedication to her craft. "I take pride in my vocals and lyrics and I strive to create a unique and perfect feel for each song," she said. She wants to create a long-lasting sound of music that people will not "want to kick to the curb later."

Afterglow (Kosta Cross Remix) by MMAIO

Her goal is to create good and meaningful music that fans can enjoy and appreciate. "It means the world to me when ONE person listens to a song of mine and it helped them get through the day," MMAIO said of her music. "That is the ultimate goal - always has been. To unite people. I want to be one of the voices that are pure again - One that you feel comfortable going to when you’re happy, sad, excited, depressed. We’re in this together," she said.

You can catch up with MMAIO on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on her official website. You can also listen to more of her music and get weekly updates on As the Music Plays!

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