"Lotus Flower Bomb"-Wale feat. Miguel (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I had to pause EVERYTHING because I was sooooo late on this video. Well just an hour, but for a Wale fanatic, I should've been on it! Anyway, Wale has released his official video for "Lotus Flower Bomb," featuring Miguel. "Lotus" serves the first official single from Wale's sophomore Ambition, and the video features Bre from Season 5 of America's Next Top Model (the last full season I watched). Check the official video below!

The visual is a play off of 1993's hit movie Poetic Justice, starring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur. If you have no idea what I speak of, take some time and YouTube the movie. You can literally sit down and watch the entire thing. I definitely loved it. But then again, I'm already biased haha. But this really was a good visual!

Oh, and can I talk about how jealous I was of Bre in this video????!!! Cuz that steamy scene in the bathroom?! Whooooo....lawd. Ok, Wale might not be seen as a huge sex symbol like LL Cool J, or nothing, but that man is cute!

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