Pink Slips-Lil Dep [MIXTAPE]

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Upcoming rapper Lil Dep dropped his latest mixtape, Pink Slips, a little over a week ago, on November 8. Definitely had to share the link and a little more about the tape since I did a spotlight on him a while back!

Pink Slips is the rapper's 13th mixtape! "My inspiration was to create a mixtape behind its title "Pink Slips." If you have pink slips to an car that means you own it. Well, I'm basically saying I have the "Pink Slips" to the rap game," Lil Dep said, explaining the title.

Listen to and download Pink Slips below!

Lil Dep's favorite track on the tape is, "Let em Know." "When I wrote the song, I was being real and at the same time being a fool," the rapper said. " But what I like about it is that I rap in 1st and 2nd person on the track which is what makes the track interesting."

As of now, Lil Dep is busy doing features and booking shows, as well as contemplating a new project. However, his main focus now is promoting Pink Slips. "I put my all into this mixtape," he said. "It took me forever to drop because I was doubting myself and my music, but it's here now. My mind is on the money and [I'm] trying to get to the fame."

You can follow Lil Dep on Twitter, and check out his official website to hear more of his music!

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