[PREVIEW] 'Talk That Talk'-Rihanna (Album)

Rihanna Talk That Talk Standard Cover HQ
Rihanna has come out with a preview of her upcoming album Talk That Talk. The album hits stores at the end of the month on November 21. Talk That Talk, of course, will include Rihanna's hit single, "We Found Love," that has become her 11th #1 hit. I know some people question her talent, but it can't be denied that she is a singles queen! Check out the preview of the album below!

1. “You Da One” (produced by Dr. Luke)
2. “Where Have You Been?” (produced by Calvin Harris, written by Dr. Luke & Ester Dean)
3. “We Found Love” (produced by Calvin Harris)
4. “Talk That Talk (featuring Jay-Z)” (produced by Stargate, written by Ester Dean)
5. “Cockiness” (produced by Bangladesh)
6. “Birthday Cake” (produced by The-Dream)
7. “We All Want Love” (written by Ester Dean)
8. “Drunk On Love” (produced by Stargate, written by Ester Dean)
9. “Roc Me Out” (produced by Stargate, written by Ester Dean)
10. “Watch n’ Learn” (produced by Hit-Boy, written by Priscilla Renea)
11. “Farewell” (produced by Big Juice, written by Ester Dean)

I'm definitely excited for this album. It sounds hot! Especially that collab with Jay-Z! Apparently "You Da One," will be the next single. I really would love to see the title track be a single eventually, though.

Rihanna is one of few artists whose album I have actually bought since the beginning of their career. She's had a lot of highs and a few definite lows with albums, but overall, in her career, she hasn't disappointed me (though her fourth album, Rated R, was a tad bit overrated). I honestly can't believe that this is her SIXTH album. She came out only about 6 years ago, in 2005, but it seems so long ago. I feel so old (Yes, at 21 haha!).

Will you be buying Talk That Talk?

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