College Girl Snaps At The Library

So it's finals time at Loyola University Maryland, and at most colleges across the nation. This week was definitely hell week, which is why you don't see as many posts on the blog. I had to feature this video because this is what I want to do sometimes at the library, since people act like it's the new hangout on campus. At least mine anyway. I'm glad I'm not alone....Watch this girl snap on loud, obnoxious talkers in the library below!

I can't study in the library during finals week. I mostly refuse to. I get distracted too easily for that. The most I can have going on in the background is music in my iTunes library or Pandora. There's too many people crammed in there, and as I said before, people LOVE to talk and socialize like the library is the hot place to be. No, it's the place to get work done. I don't blame this girl for going off.

What also bothers me is that in the description box, the person who uploaded the video says that this girl "takes finals too serious." First of all, to be grammatically correct, you mean, "too SERIOUSLY." Second of all, why shouldn't she take them seriously? Just because you don't? But then, these are the first people to complain to professors about their final grades. Guess you didn't take your finals "too serious."

Sigh...sorry. I just had to release one of several frustrations as a college senior. Go on about your day.

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