Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Expecting a Baby!!!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! HUGE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS TO END 2012! Just last night, Kanye West announced that he and Kim Kardashian are expecting a baby! Yes, you read right! Kim is pregnant with the couple's first child!

Kanye revealed the news onstage during a show in Atlantic City Sunday night, asking the crowd to
"make some noise" for his "baby mama." Of course, the news spread (and continues to spread) throughout Twitter, even from members of the Kardashian clan as well. Kim's sister, Kourtney Kardashian, said she wanted to "shout from the rooftops with joy," mom Kris Jenner tweeted a  simple, "Oh BABY BABY BABY!" and Kim's younger sister Khloe Kardashian-Odom retweeted her hubby Lamar Odom who said, "I'm excited for Kanye and my sister! There's nothing like bringing life into this world! Let's keep Gods blessings coming!"

The reality star is reportedly 12 weeks along, so she should have the baby around late spring/early summer! It's definitely clear that Kimye Baby Watch will be the main focus for 2013 (maybe even beating out William and Kate?)! Though Kim is technically still married to Kris Humphries, she is moving on with life. I think that she and Kanye are genuinely happy, so why not start a family? I would say Kanye should also put a ring on it, but she kinda has to wait to get the other one legally off first. Congrats to them and the whole Kardashian-Jenner, G.O.O.D. Music clan!

What do you think of Kim and Kanye having a kid?

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"The Icing on the Cake"-Jersey Shore Series Finale (RECAP)

Can't believe that last night was the last Jerzday ever! I've been watching this show from the very beginning, and, as stupid as many people think it is, I'm gonna miss it! Picking up from last week, The house plans a bonfire party on the beach to say goodbye to the Shore. Vinny and Pauly go get a bunch of wood Vinny pushes the wood all the way to the beach, while Pauly follows him in the truck! The house brings chairs, preps drinks, and finally gets ready to party! With friends and foods, the cast has an amazing time to end their time. Roger and Jionni eventually get there, and give flowers to their girls! The guys play football and Jionni covers Mike who is in "the best shape of his life." However, little short Jionni ends up intercepting the ball from him!


Battle of the Seasons Season Finale (RECAP)

Finally, the Final Challenge for Battle of the Seasons! Picking up from last week, after weeks of challenges, the final teams (San Diego, Brooklyn, and the two-member team of Las Vegas) start the final by jumping out of a plane! It's definitely adrenaline-pumping! All of the teams have to run to a checkpoint, and already Devyn and Sam are struggling to run. Of course, everybody's yelling at their slowest members, because it's not a great way to start for any of them.

The first checkpoint is to align numbers on rocks in a grid so that, when added in every direction, you will always get the number 15. The time limit is 20 minutes. San Diego and Vegas struggle to Brooklyn is last to get into the puzzle, but the puzzle puts them ahead! They run to a helicopter where they race on in first place! San Diego finally got it, placing in second. Las Vegas' time runs out, putting them into third.


Raining Men and Meatballs-Jersey Shore S6, E12 (RECAP)

The final season of Jersey Shore is almost over (*tears*). Picking up from last episode, Roger calls Jenni and tells her that Jionni told him about the guys in the house hanging out with him the night. All the boys apparently pointed the finger at Jenni about her talking about Jionni not being around for Snooki. It causes a quick ruckus with the boys and Jenni, but it's all just he said/she said. She calls Jionni and gets his version and finds out how bad her talking about him offended him. Jionni had been up there a lot to see Snooki apparently without any of them them knowing! Jenni apologizes to him, and they quickly get over the drama.

"I Like To Move It, Move It"-Battle of the Seasons E11 (RECAP)

I apologize for the serious delay in these recaps! A lot of things going on last week, but here is the recap for last week's episode of Battle of the Seasons (Jersey Shore one will be up soon too).

Picking up from last episode, the remaining four teams (Vegas, Cancun, San Diego and Brooklyn) leaves Turkey behind and heads to Namibia, Africa, to fight to keep their spot in the finale! Two people are for sure going home, so the teams are definitely nervous! The house in Africa is SICK! Later, they all get a clue from TJ saying: "Tomorrow's your last shot to make it into the final! Good luck!" The challenge is definitely important for Brooklyn to win because they know they will be thrown into the Arena if they don't, since Cancun and San Diego are in alliance with each other).



By now, everyone knows of the tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. A shooting spree by a mentally ill gunman happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 children (ages range from 5-10, though no names have yet been released) as well as 6 adults (including the school principal and psychologist). The gunman also killed his mother beforehand, and apparently took his own life. More details are forthcoming.

I have been struggling with this all day yesterday and now. Even as I type, I am flipping channels to hear more on this tragedy. Forgive me for not getting up the recap posts that I needed to. They will be up hopefully later today, but this is far more important to me right now. Prayers go up to the families of these victims, especially these 20 little babies, as well as the people of Newtown who are struggling to come to grips with this. Prayers to President Obama, Congress, and our other officials who need to take ACTION on developing some type of stricter plan on gun control in this country. This world is highly unpredictable. Shocked, disgusted, and saddened.


In The Spotlight: Hollywood

I've been blessed to do many spotlights of upcoming artists, producers, designers, etc.,  since the blog started, and will always continue to do so! (Email me for your feature!)

Excited to introduce you all to another great artist! Rapper Hollywood calls his hometown of Brooklyn the "recipe" to his music and life, repping his city to the fullest! He got his start in music at a young age, participating in his school choir, singing for a few groups, and even had a role in A Christmas Carol on Broadway! However, he started getting serious about rapping in about ninth or tenth grade, eventually getting into battling. "Older dudes on my block used to rhyme, and one day, a few of us younger cats were just sucked in," the rapper says. "We chose sides and joined the battles." He battled everyone anywhere from the lunchroom between classes to around his block. "Guess once I started, I just couldn't stop," Hollywood laughs.


"Awkward!"-Jersey Shore S6, E11 (RECAP)

Can't believe that the cast of Jersey Shore is about to close the Shore House down for good! Just a few more episodes left! Picking up from last week, at Snooki's baby shower, Vinny goes outside to talk to Jionni man to man about their issues. Jionni has forgiven Vinny for hooking up with Snooki a day after their breakup, but doesn't like the "I'm the father" jokes that Vinny has made in the past. Vinny sincerely apologizes, and Jionni has more respect for him now that they had that talk. And now Vinny gets an invite to the wedding!

When the guys come back in, the guests play baby games and opens up all of the gifts for Snooki. During the shower, Jenni tells Jionni that he better come around more often for his pregnant fiancee  and take care of her. Snooki is so happy about the whole shower, but when Mike tries to talk to her, of course, she gives him the cold shoulder. He knows that eventually he will have to man up and talk to her about the problem.


"A Woman Scorned"- Battle of the Seasons E10 (RECAP)

Battle of the Seasons is starting to get REALLY crazy! Picking up from last week, Dustin has planned to quit after Nany and Alton were eliminated at the Arena. The next morning, Chet tries to talk him out of it, and when Dustin thinks things through, he decides to stay to fight for Team Vegas. Meanwhile, Brooklyn plans to gun for Cancun and know that they need to win the next Challenge in order to stay out of the Arena.

The next day's Challenge is called "Force Field." Two team members will share a huge inner tube in girls' and boys' heats (unless you're only a team of two, then you're by yourself!) The object of the game is to push people off the platform into the water. There is a point system: The 1st team out will receive no points. The 2nd team will get 20 points. 3rd will get 40, 4th will get 60, and the last team standing will get 80 points. If you fall down three times, you'll be disqualified.


See A Tease of Beyoncé's Upcoming HBO Special!

Beyoncé recently revealed that fans will be able to catch an intimate look behind her life in an upcoming HBO documentary, and has dropped the teaser for the film!

The feature-length film, debuting Feb. 16, 2013, will show Beyoncé at her performances, in the studio, at home, and even gives an up-close shot of Beyoncé's baby bump when she was pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy! “HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity,” said she said of the film. “Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home.”

See the teaser below!

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant!

Official news from the St. James Palace! Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a baby!!!

Though rumored for a few days now, the news was officially announced today by the palace. "Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby," the palace said in a statement. "The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news." The statement continued: "As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter." The duchess was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital today in central London with hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute morning sickness which requires supplementary hydration and nutrients.

Apparently, the child, whether boy or girl, will eventually be heir to the British throne according to new legislation awaiting final approval.  The baby will also be the queen's third great-grandchild.

Congrats to the Royal Family!!!

Image via Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images


"Shore Shower"-Jersey Shore S6, E10 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday, another recap! Picking up from last week, Snooki talks to Jionni, who is into his softball playing, and doesn't really spend a lot of time with Snooki. How your FIANCEE is carrying your CHILD and you don't make time to see her is beyond me! Later, the housemates go to dinner at Jimbos, while Snooki and Deena go out to dinner for their own little meatball date. They talk about how Snooki is never out with them, but then also how Jionni is never around to see her and make sure that she's all right.

"The Chronicles of Nanyia"-Battle of the Seasons E9 (Recap)

I've missed watching Battle of the Seasons these past two weeks (read up on the last episode here)! To start this week's episode, San Diego decides to work out together and give some positive and negative things about each other, all to try to strengthen their bond. Later, T.J. sends a clue to the house for the next day saying, "Don't abandon your teammates if you want to win this challenge."

The next day, the teams play "Abandon Ship." Each team has a line connected to an anchor with buoys at different heights underneath the water. One person jumps off the boat at a time to get a buoy, with everyone having to grab one of his own. When the last buoy is recovered, a lifeboat will appear. The team will then have to row that lifeboat to the finish line on the shore. The team with the fastest time is Power Team and the slowest will head to the Arena.


NEW MUSIC: Endustry 8-8More (MIXTAPE)

Since the start of The Spotlight, I've been able to connect with a lot of talented upcoming artists for features and mixtape releases. It's been an incredible addition to the blog (email me for a feature of your own!).

Rapper 8More released his mixtape only hours ago. Endustry 8 was created based off of this upcoming rapper's serious drive and chase for success. The hunger is blatant in this mixtape, as 8More strives to make a name for himselve in this industry. "The people like my family, friends and even my haters gave me even more inspiration than I could of imagined," he also said.

Read more and listen to the mixtape below!


Kevin Clash Resigns from Sesame Street

It's official. Kevin Clash, the voice and puppeteer behind Sesame Street’s beloved Elmo (my favorite character of all time), has resigned from his position following the aftermath of the allegations that he had an underage sexual relationship some years ago.

Read up below!


"Make It Unofficial"-Jersey Shore S6, E9 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday gone, another Jersey Shore recap! First and foremost, I want to encourage the fans of the show to make donations to the Restore The Shore effort, a goal to rebuild Seaside Heights and the surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. The cast of Jersey Shore and several other cast members of other MTV shows are working diligently to bring light to this disaster and to help families rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives. Support if you can!

Picking up from last week, Snooki, Ronnie and Deena go to work. Danny and Ronnie go play games while the Meatballs who wanted to take a break themselves. Suddenly a huge storm hits, which freaks Deena out but it eventually calms down. My first thought was that they shouldn't have included that scene due to the hurricane, especially since it didn't add or take away from that part of the show, but whatever. Back at the house, Mike calls his sister Melissa and talks about his issues with Paula. Mike wants a classy girl and gets advice from Melissa to voice his problems to Paula. He liked her for who she was, and now, after three summers, Paula's done a complete 180 on him!


"Honey I'm Homeless"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 8 (RECAP)

Another grueling episode of Battle of the Seasons! Picking up from last week, there are five teams left in the game (Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Cancun, San Diego, and St. Thomas barely)! The game is dwindling down, so it's more important than ever for these teams to fight hard to solidify their spot in the finals!

The teams go out to let loose. However, there is still a lot of tension between Frank and Zach. Of course, everybody has their opinion on the drama among Team San Diego. Later, Jonna reveals that she lost everything due to a crazy ex who got rid of all of her stuff. She is trying to get her life together and hopes that The Challenge will give her some start over funds.


"Control the Crazy"-Jersey Shore S6, E8 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday, another recap! Picking up from last episode, Deena is a true blue drunken mess still! Vinny tries to comfort her, but it doesn't help much. She misses home and her boyfriend, plus she's drunk. She wants to go home, but Vinny tells her to make that decision when she has calmed down. Even though they love Deena, the rest of the house is annoyed with her, especially Sammi. Ronnie decides to call her mom and tells her that she doesn't need to go home. Afterwards, everyone goes out to Karma without her.

Later, Deena's parents get to the house, which calms Deena down. Her mom tells her that she needs to stop drinking so much and that she's scared that she will be arrested again. Deena doesn't want her to keep calling to check up on her, but if she wasn't drunk ALL THE TIME, her mom wouldn't do that. She keeps talking about having all these "Meatball Days," but she needs a break from all that!


"Diamonds"-Rihanna (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky."

Rihanna's anticipated video for her lead single "Diamonds" just premiered on MTV moments ago! The vid, directed by Anthony Mandler, had plenty of diamonds, of course (Ri Ri even smoked a few!). It has a lot of different scenes from Rihanna singing in the desert alongside a black stallion and its mare, running down a road like she's been chased, and ends with calamity of a war in the streets and a man on fire walking through the scene.

Check out the video after the jump!

"I Do Not Like You Sam I Am"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 7 (RECAP)

Things are definitely heating up on The Challenge! Picking up from the last episode (due to Halloween, the Challenge was cancelled for last week), Team Brooklyn hosts an Insane Games House Edition to ease tension around the house and have fun, something this Challenge has been seriously missing! Afterwards, they all get a clue from TJ: "Tomorrow's challenge is not going to be easy but it will be memorable," showing that they will probably be playing a memory game. Meanwhile CJ is connecting to Ashley from San Diego, though it's still up in the air if she likes him back.

Next day at the Challenge, the teams gear up to play "Logged Out." The goal is pretty simple: solve a puzzle. The means? Not so simple. The teams will go through three check points. The first is the answer key to memorize a complicated puzzle. The second checkpoint is to carry logs the carry the puzzle pieces up a hill, with the teams all having to stick together. At the third checkpoint, you have to solve the puzzle.


"Great Meatballs of Fire"-Jersey Shore S6, E7 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday gone, meaning another recap from yours truly!

First and foremost, I want to send my condolences to all those who have lost others, homes, cars, etc., due to Hurricane Sandy. While the DMV area got hit with a little rain and wind, New Jersey and New York received the brunt of it. Seaside Heights was hit hard as well, with much of the Boardwalk being destroyed, and even the Shore Store took a big hit! The cast of the show offered statements of love and support to the place that has been their home for the past four years.

Picking up from last week, Jenni and Roger are still on the phone. She doesn't want to lose his relationship with him. Roger is not breaking up with her for the moment, but is still rather cold towards her. But they'll be fine! (As we all know, they're now ENGAGED!)


Anderson Live Canceled

Bad news for Anderson Live fans! It was announced today that Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show will not be renewed for a third season.

Telepictures, which is part of Warner Bros., announced today that due to soft ratings, despite a live reworking of the show for its second season, the show will not be renewed, but will continue to air through the summer of 2013.


Natina Reed (of Blaque) Passes Away

According to several reports from other blogs and friends on Twitter, Natina Reed (the rapper from 90s group Blaque) passed away last night.

She was unfortunately killed in a hit and run after trying to cross the street. She would've celebrated her 33rd birthday tomorrow. She leaves a son Tren with rapper Korupt.

This is crazy to me! I loved Blaque! Matter of fact, I was having an impromptu 90s music session the other day and of course Blaque was featured. It's so sad to know that Natina is gone. Thoughts and prayers go to her son, her group members, and the rest of her family and friends.


"Let's Make It Official"-Jersey Shore S6, E6 (RECAP)

Another Jerzday, another recap! Picking up from last episode, Deena is arrested for dancing in the street and is going to the Drunk Tank to sober her up. Ronnie is very nonchalant about the arrest, and suggests that they keep on drinking and chill. There's nothing really that they can do, so Sammi and Ron go on about their day.

Later, MVP goes tanning, and, of course, Mike goes to see her boo Paula and thanks her for the strawberries. He invites her out to dinner after. His plan is to ask her out officially at Rivoli's. Then they head to the sporting goods store to get some things to do after Sunday dinners. Mike also gets Snooki a stroller as a nice gesture to try to turn things around for them. She definitely won't forgive him, but it's a nice gesture I guess.


"Going Insane"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 6 (RECAP)

Picking up from last week, we have six teams...well five and a half, with Knight and Jemmye holding on for New Orleans.

Alton and Frank get into a little altercation in the gym. Frank keeps trying to antagonize him, but Alton keeps his cool. Later, Alton makes a decision not to go to the beach with the rest of the house.
It's a rule on the show that if one of them doesn't go out, nobody goes out. That pisses Sarah off as well as the rest of the house. Of course, Frank gets into it. Then Frank starts a fight with Dustin when Dustin comes to Alton's defense. Frank is quite the little annoying instigator!


"Merp Walk"-Jersey Shore S6, E5 (RECAP)

I see MTV went back to showing just one hour of Jersey Shore this week! I must not have been the only one complaining! Picking up from last week, the brawl at Bamboo continues! While Jenni tries to stop Roger, he pushes her down, prompting her to throw a drink in his face! It's pure chaos, and the cast ends up leaving. Jenni tries to talk to Roger about the situation, but he ignores her. Meanwhile, she tries to walk, but her ankle is jacked up! She goes to talk to Roger, but he is just freaking out and is mad that Jenni tried to get involved. He tells her that "she deserved" to get thrown to the ground.

Back at the house, everyone talks about the melee. Ronnie goes to call Roger to see where he is and check on him. Roger tells him that he feels like Jenni feels she has to control him, and is pissed off that she tried to break up the fight!


"N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 5 (RECAP)

Did you check out last night's episode of Battle of the Seasons?! Picking up from last week at the Arena, Devyn volunteers herself to go into the Arena which sucks for her romance with Eric (Remember, Fresh Meat are in YET AGAIN!). JD volunteers himself for Team Brooklyn as well. The dueling teams play mental game "Water Torture," which has two giant water tanks and two giant puzzles. The girls will be lifted by a rope to solve the puzzle.  The twist is the guys have to hold down their partner's weight by hanging by a rope from their ankles and hold their breath under water for as long as it takes for their partner to solve parts of the puzzle.

JD has the advantage because he's a competitive swimmer, and he's worked with marine animals. Fresh Meat seems to be going a lot quicker at first, while Brooklyn is struggling with communication. However, with the blood rushing to his head, Eric begins to struggle to get to the bottom of the tank, and the competitor in Camila starts freaking out. Eric eventually decides to quit the Challenge AGAIN, which sucks for Camila. She starts to go off on him, and I honestly can't blame her. It's clear that she wasn't trying to quit herself! Eric has a history of quitting, and now he did it again. Eric, stay AWAY from the Challenges. The game was completely out of Camila's hands which sucks for her. Of course, Devyn is sad to say goodbye to Eric, because that's the end of their romance for now. However,  I'm happy that Brooklyn gets to stay! Fresh Meat is the second full team out behind Austin!


REPORT: Beyoncé Performing At Superbowl 2013!!!

This just in! According to the Associated Press, Beyoncé will headline the Super Bowl halftime show in February 2013! The official announcement about the show is supposed to come Wednesday.

Superbowl XLVII will take place on Feb. 3, 2013, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, the first in that city since 2002, and the first since Hurricane Katrina's major destruction of the city in 2005.

Bey isn't a rookie to the Super Bowl, having sung the national anthem at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004 in her hometown Houston when the New England Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers. 

Am I excited to see a full half-time show of Miss Beyoncé Knowles?! You damn right! She is amazing on stage, and I know that she is going to kill it in New Orleans! This is the most I've ever been excited about a Super Bowl halftime show...well...EVER! (I'm a stan, so I'm biased haha). And who knows? Maybe just maybe she'll bring out hubby Jay-Z, or even old Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams! Too excited for this!

Image via Jemal Countess/Getty Images


"Toxic Shots Syndrome/Blues, Balls, & Brawls"-Jersey Shore S6, Episodes 3 & 4 (RECAP)

MTV, I don't like that you combine these episodes for this last season of Jersey Shore! One, it shortens the season (I mean, how many two-hour episodes can you possibly show?). Two, it's mad long to recap! Goodness gracious! But I digress.

Picking up from last episode, Snooki prepares to move out of the Shore house. It's hard, but necessary. However, the house is basically right next door. It's really cute, and small just for her. It's still crazy that she's a mom! Of course, Snooks welcome the rest of her roommates to come when they want, only with some stipulations--no girls, no alcohol, and no craziness! Meanwhile, Mike plans to go to the doctor to get a shot to block any opiotes, alcohol, and prescription painkillers. It's painful and seems like people don't trust him, but it's necessary for his health. Nobody wants it to ever happen again! It's good to see him serious about his sobriety.


"The Dark Knight"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 4 (RECAP)

Time for more of Battle of the Seasons! Picking up from last week's episode, we're down two members from Fresh Meat after Cara Maria and Brandon were eliminated in the Arena, leaving Eric and Camila to fend for themselves. The house enjoys a day on the water. Eric and Devyn are happy, flirting with each other. Meanwhile, Knight and Trishelle talk. Knight is suspicious of Team Vegas after they almost broke the Cancun/San Diego/New Orleans/Vegas alliance last week.

TJ sends a clue later that night : "Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to shed some excess weight." Nany later goes searching for her missing bag of laundry, only to find that her clothes are in the pool. Knight is the one who did it, trying to break her down, but really just looks stupid. Jemmye herself goes to tell Nany. The whole house turns on Knight for his stupidity. He's trying to mentally break people, and goes to throw more of Nany's laundry in the pool. It's immature, but everybody comes out to help her get her clothes out. Dustin makes it fun by diving in to get the clothes. All of it did was put a target on Knight's back (and the rest of their alliance).


Lady Gaga Receives Peace Award from Yoko Ono

Lady Gaga appeared with Yoko Ono yesterday for a ceremony in Reykjavik, Iceland. Held in her honor, the event celebrated the singer as she received the LennonOno Grant for Peace.

Gaga was honored with the award for her charity work, including her own Born This Way Foundation, and most recently, her Body Revolution 2013 campaign, which empowers her fans to embrace who they are, flaws and all.  Yoko praised her saying to Reuters Television, "Lady Gaga is in a position of #1 as a singer/songwriter. And when you are #1, you don't want to risk yourself. And she did."

Beyoncé Drops Out of Clint Eastwood's "A Star Is Born" Remake

Beyoncé has officially announced that she will no longer be starring in the Clint Eastwood's remake of the classic film, A Star Is Born. The film follows the love story of a talented young woman who falls for a falling star. There have already been three other versions of the movie, including the 1937 original film with Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, a 1954 version with Judy Garland and James Mason and a 1976 remake with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

Bey released a statement explaining that she dropped out of the project due to her busy schedule. "I was looking forward to the production of 'A Star Is Born' and the opportunity to work with Clint Eastwood," she told E! News. "For months we tried to coordinate our schedules to bring this remake to life but it was just not possible. Hopefully in the future we will get a chance to work together."


Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman Split!

Man! Here ends one of the longest surviving Hollywood marriages! Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are separating after 30 years together, their rep confirmed to PEOPLE.

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor, 67, and the former Cheers actress, 64, were married in 1982.

Many might know them, as I do, when they starred together as worst parents of the year Harry and Zinnia Wormwood in the classic movie Matilda. Together, the couple founded Jersey Films, a production company that produced films including Pulp Fiction and Garden State.  DeVito and Perlman have three children, Daniel, 25, Grace, 27, and Lucy, 29.

Even though it may not mean much to people, I literally screamed "Noooooo!" at this news! They've been together so long, so for them to break up now is sad to hear. Hoping they each find happiness after!

Image via Todd Williamson/WireImage

MOVIE REVIEW: Steel Magnolias 2012

Steel Magnolias is a classic in the film industry! The 1989 original, starring acting veterans Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, and Julia Roberts, along with Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, and Darryl Hannah. I'm not going to give a whole recap of the movie, but for those of you who have never seen the original or the remake, it's about six women who are all close friends who share in the ups and downs of each other's lives down in Louisiana. The film is filled with laughter and love, and well as tears and pain. With all of the great reviews about the film, t honestly only made sense that one day, someone would want to make a remake.

And here we are, 23 years later, with a remake from director Kenny Leon. When the news of the remake came out about a year ago, and I heard that it was with an all African-American cast (starring some of my favorite black actresses like Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad, and Alfre Woodard, along with Jill Scott, Adepero Oduye, and Phylicia's daughter, Condola Rashad), I was beyond excited!

Some spoilers may be ahead.


Jersey Shore: The FINAL SEASON Season Premiere (RECAP)

Final Season Double Episode Premiere Thursday Oct 4 At 10/9cOf course, I HAD to recap the sixth and FINAL SEASON of my favorite MTV show, Jersey Shore. I had to miss the two hour premiere, because Scandal comes first (Shout out to Kerry Washington), but luckily I caught the rerun at midnight! It's going to be a long one, since the episode was two hours, but you'll love it (*smiles*)

Mike has been working on his addiction to prescription pills. He went to rehab to detox, and is now clean. He has been hanging out with Paula for a while, and hopefully they'll commit to each other. Snooki is six months pregnant, and heading to the Shore for tradition's sake! But she clearly won't be able to party and go crazy like she has in the past. Jenni moved in with Snooki for a while, but moved back in with Roger. They're doing better now, but still have to work on their issues.


"What Happens In Vegas..."-Battle of the Seasons Episode 3 (RECAP)

Watch The Full EpisodeSorry that this took so long! The presidential debates were last night at the same time as Battle of the Seasons, so you know which one I had to pick (Rock the Vote...but make an INFORMED decision people!). I finally had a chance to check it out and do a recap.

Picking up from last week's episode, we're down one full team already, losing Team Austin! Back at the house, everyone is resting a little easier, with some even making some love connections! Eric clearly has a thing for Devyn, while Alton and Sarah are developing a connection of their own. Trishelle doesn't trust it at all, because she was told that Sarah is extremely manipulative during these challenges, and she thinks Alton's lovestruck enough to fall for it.

Chris Brown Officially Breaks Up with Karrueche Tran!

Is anybody really shocked? I'm know I'm not! Today Chris Brown officially announced his decision to end things with girlfriend Karrueche Tran. And, of course, it's about Rihanna!

"I have decided to be single to focus on my career," Breezy said in a statement via his label rep. "I love Karrueche very much but I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna." So it's clear that he ended it because he still wants to be "friends with Rihanna, and Karrueche ain't cool with that!


Chris Brown and Rihanna Allegedly Make Out In A NYC Club

Chris Brown and Rihanna apparently were spotted making out at NYC's Griffin nightclub Monday night!

The exes were "hugging and kissing," an eyewitness at the club said to Celebuzz. THEN, Chris was photographed leaving the same hotel where Rihanna was staying on Tuesday night! Coincidence? HA!

At the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards a few weeks back, Chris congratulated Rihanna on her Video of the Year win with a kiss on the lips. That, of course, did not go over well with Chris' girl Karrueche Tran! According to a source, she "totally pissed off. She felt the kiss was a public slap in the face." In fact, on that same day, Karrueche tweeted, "There's a difference between a man and a boy." She then added, "I prefer men." This just all adds to the rumors we've been hearing basically all year of Chris and Rihanna hooking up.

I've always felt that Chris has been using Karrueche to try to get over Rihanna, but to no avail. I say that he and Rihanna should just be together already, and stop playing with Karrueche's emotions. Rihanna still loves him, and Chris is clearly not over her, so just be together!!!

Image via Celebuzz

Image via VH1

Nicki Minaj GOES OFF on Mariah Carey During Idol Auditions!

TMZ got an exclusive clip of Nicki Minaj GOING OFF at the judges' table during a taping for American Idol! So clearly that "beef" between her and Mariah Carey is either real, or being used as a promotion tactic (I wouldn't put it behind FOX to try to compete with X Factor and The Voice).

Yet and still the video is crazy dramatic! Nicki gets REAL ratchet! I feel so sorry for Randy having to put up with this!

Check out the craziness after the jump!


Bow Wow Makes $4000 A Month, Order to Pay Child Support

Seems like Bow Wow's new gig at 106 & Park came just in time! According to TMZ, he has been ordered to pay child support for his 1-year-old daughter Shai. However, Bow Wow apparently wasn't working with much money at Cash Money to begin with!

Bow Wow and baby mama Joie Chavis were in court Monday, with the main fight being over exactly how much Bow Wow is worth and how much he has to pay! Finally, Bow Wow agreed to shell out $3,000 a month in support for baby Shai. However, he told the judge that he makes $4,000 a month working as an employee at Cash Money Records. Yes, that's allegedly all. He also testified he leases a Jeep and has a grand total of $1,500 in his checking account.

Khloé Kardashian and Mario Lopez New Hosts of 'X Factor'

Back to the serious grind! Even though I'm working on several different blogs now in addition to Spotlight, I can never forget this blog or Team JWWWD! This is where it all started, and honestly, the reason why I have gotten many of the opportunities I've had! And I'm committed still to writing for you all...and for the love of it. No matter how tired I get!

On to the news! After weeks of rumors and gossip, it's pretty much done. Khloé Kardashian and Mario Lopez reportedly are the new co-hosts for The X Factor! The announcement is being kept under wraps for now, but should be officially made by the show later this week!


"The Perks of Being A Rookie"-Battle of the Seasons Episode 2 (RECAP)

Watch The Full EpisodeI'm LOVING Battle of the Seasons! Fresh off the first challenge, everybody is at the beach club partying, and having a good time. Meanwhile, Melinda is missing her boyfriend and is dealing with Danny being there. Danny has a lady at home too. Both of them obviously have to be very cautious and learn to work together since they are the last people from Austin left.

Later that night, the house gets a clue from TJ for the next day's challenge: "A lot of you have pulled some slick moves in the past. Better bring your A game tomorrow." After the text is read, it is clear that the alliances have started and everyone is plotting and scheming...while St. Thomas is on the sidelines. While Marie is trying to get them to join one, it's obvious Trey is not interested in sucking up to anyone. I can respect it, but in this game, it's kind of necessary at times especially when you're a rookie. And, let's be honest Trey, normally rookies are the first ones out just because they're rookies. Might be smart to hook up with a team that will have your back.


The Challenge-Battle of The Seasons Season Premiere (RECAP)

*****For the record, Eventually I will get back to entertainment news, but I'm learning how to balance three other blogs so please bear with me! 

Decided to recap the newest season of MTV's The Challenge--Battle of the Seasons! Held in Bodrum, Turkey, and, as always, hosted by BMX rider TJ Lavin, this season brings together teams of people from various Real World seasons battling the other seasons to see who's number one! Of course, it's awkward, because not everybody got along! The seven RW seasons represented are Austin (Wes, Lacey, Danny and Melinda), Back to New Orleans (Preston, Knight, Jemmye, and McKenzie), Cancun (Derek, Jasmine, CJ, and Jonna), San Diego (Frank, Ashley, Zach, and Sam), Las Vegas (made of the original and the second season-Alton, Trishelle, Nany, and Dustin), Brooklyn (Chet, JD, Devyn, and Sarah) and the newest kids on the block, St. Thomas (Trey, Marie, Robb, and Laura).

Of course, the money should be enough to override all (or at least some) of the drama! $250,000 goes to the winning team, the biggest prize in Challenge history! $50,000 goes to second (think it should have been at least $75 K, but whatever), and $40,000 goes to third. TJ also introduces everybody to the Arena is where the elimination rounds will be. The losing team is sent into the Arena, and the winning team will send another team to battle against them. There's a twist, however. Each team has to decide which two players will go in.  If they lose, your team is down to two players (which can be a pro, but mostly a con depending on the challenge). And, of course, if you go in again, and lose, your team is automatically finished. My question is, will the other two members who got disqualified still get money in the end if their other teammates win? Because I don't like that haha!


REVIEW: 2012 MTV Video Music Awards

One of the biggest nights for MTV is the Video Music Awards, the night to honor artists with the classic Moonman in different categories!

As always, the event kicked off with the pre-show. The star-studded red carpet featured appearances from top celebs like One Direction, 2 Chainz, and The Wanted and we even got a performance  from new X-Factor judge Demi Lovato (I love her)!

Before the main event even started, three Moonmen were given out. Demi Lovato won the first official Moonman of the night for Best Video with A Message for her song "Skyscraper." DJ Calvin Harris snagged one for Best Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Video for "Feel So Close," and the ever so popular British-Irish boy band One Direction got a Moonman for Most Shareworthy Video for "What Makes You Beautiful." Between these guys and Justin Bieber, girls FALL OUT!


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta The Reunion Part 2

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion wrapped up with Part 2, but not before ending with a few more fights, secrets, and even a proposal! The reunion picks up from last week with Mona's question to Stevie about his relationship with Joseline. Though as always, he avoids the question at first, he finally says no, with  Joseline openly admitting she uses him for the sex and money. The conversation then turns to the failed therapy session with the three. Stevie, claiming that that he wanted to lay everything out on the table, invited both Mimi and Joseline to a session with Dr. Jeff, only to end up getting beat up by Joseline. It's all clear in the session that Stevie has some type of feelings for Joseline, but he refuses to see it.


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta The Reunion Part 1 (RECAP)

Well after the dramatic first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, viewers were excited to see part 1 of the reunion! I know I was! Executive producer Mona Scott-Young was the host, as all of the cast members were reunited, some of which haven't been together since the season finished wrapping.

From the beginning, Mona and the ladies discussed how the show gets a lot of flack for stereotyping and embarrassing African-American women, with Mimi saying it just is that her story being televised. Mona doesn't think that this show represents all of us but just their stories. While I agree that the show technically doesn't represent all of us (I know I am not a Joseline or a Karlie!), it kind of does. When you have a certain image portrayed on television, people can think that that image is representative of an entire culture. For example, when I went to Australia for my semester abroad, many of the images that Australians sometimes see about Americans (especially college kids) are a lot of partying and other superficial things, which I had to clear up on several occasions. If it's all you see, it's all you will think. But I know that all African-American women don't act like this, so I can watch it for pure entertainment. But that's just me.


"Down to Business"-Hollywood Exes S1, E10 (RECAP)

Hollywood Exes RecapPicking up from last week's episode of Hollywood Exes, Sheree and Nicole go out for breakfast and talk. They talk about Sheree's husband Terrell and Sheree is honestly okay with the time apart as she's in LA, and Terrell is in San Diego as a pastor. She doesn't want to go to San Diego full time, feeling like she will lose her identity. In LA, she's Sheree the independent businesswoman, and in San Diego, she's just the preacher's wife. She doesn't want that. Her life is in LA.                  
Meanwhile, Andrea goes over to Millennium to talk to the owner Robert about her master class and its low attendance. The turnout isn't what she's used to back in Chicago. She's new to the area, but she didn't expect it to be this difficult to get people coming. Robert advises her to have a showcase to introduce herself as a choreographer. Andrea wants it to be a benefit to make a difference as well.

Later, Mayte and Jessica meet up to talk about the argument. Jessica feels bad that Mayte was so upset, and she knows that she touched lightly on the subject of her abortion. She realizes that she needs to be careful when she talks about it (and everything else in general) . Mayte apologizes for the glass throwing too. Jessica opens up more about her back alley abortion, and that it made her have issues with carrying as well, which Mayte didn't know. They connect more from that, because they both know what it means to lose a child. The conversation went well. Friends fight, but they eventually kiss and make up. That's what adults do.


"Smoke and Mirrors"-Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 1 Finale!

They are finally O-V-E-R!Can't believe it's already the season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! It's been a crazy adventure to watch, hasn't it?! To start the episode from last week, Scrappy goes over to Erica's new house. Instead of trying to be back in a relationship, Erica just wants them to be cool and focus on raising their daughter. She doesn't believe him about Shay just being a friend, and feels like they have a lot of the same problems, and are better off apart. Scrappy understands that it's probably for the best.  
Meanwhile, Karlie goes to see Roscoe Dash to see about doing a song together, and they flirt a lot. He asks her is she seeing anybody, and she explains that her situation is complicated. She obviously wants to keep her options open. 

Later, Dr. Jeff meets with both Mimi and Joseline again, and Stevie shows up as well. Dr. Jeff is honest with the ladies and tells them that Stevie is never going to change. However, Joseline is perfectly happy with Stevie the way he is. While Mimi is seriously trying to be in a relationship with this dude, Joseline doesn't care if he has sex with other women or whatever, as long as he takes care of her. Stevie himself claims to be running things, with both of them "riding his bus" apparently. He even had the nerve to walk up in there with an "I Am God" t-shirt, and basically says that he made them both (implying that he can break them too).


"I Was Here"-Beyoncé (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Beyoncé has released her video for her song, "I Was Here," in celebration of World Humanitarian Day tomorrow (Aug. 19). Bey's song of inspiration is part of her efforts to celebrate humanitarian work and encourage people worldwide to help others.

Beyoncé filmed the song in front of a live audience at the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York last week. The video features clips from others all over the world. Beyoncé, of course, looks stunning and sang beautifully! Check out her performance after the jump!


"The Better Person"-Hollywood Exes S1, E9 (RECAP)

Another episode of Hollywood Exes!  , everything is really tense. Sheree and Andrea go shopping and discuss the situation. Mayte is still upset because she feels like her pain of losing her two children was minimized. Of course the two take Mayte's side and believe that Jessica is all over the place. They both feel like she was insincere in her apology and that's she insecure within herself.

That night, Jessica and Nicole go out to dinner. They both feel like the fight was over the top and inappropriate. Nicole feels like that was a conversation that should have been held between just the two. Jessica sent her texts to try to reach out when she realized that she was upset, and Mayte never responded. The appropriate thing would to have had a conversation like Jessica and Sheree had. Mayte herself crossed the line when she threw the glass. I believe that Mayte has a point in her feelings, but she needed to speak calmly and rationally about it. While Jessica didn't need to push her and call her crazy, Mayte has pain that she needs to work through because it's affecting relationships now with those around her.


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