Kim Kardashian's Ex-Publicist Jonathan Jaxson Speaks Out

After getting slapped with a lawsuit from reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' wedding was a publicity stunt, Kim's ex-publicist Jonathan Jaxson has spoken out on his website. He now says that it was simply his opinion, and that it was based on what he's done with her "in the past." He said that media outlets came to him, and ask him to speak about Kim and Kris. Sigh.

"Two weeks prior to her wedding she knew it was not something she wanted to do," he said in an interview on Good Day LA in November. "Unfortunately they were obligated to honour contracts [with the E! network which had TV rights] otherwise they would have owed a lot of people a lot of money." He also was quoted as saying that she was still in love with Reggie Bush at the time of the wedding.

(UPDATE: Jaxson found this post somehow, and tweeted me saying that he didn't say that she was in love with Reggie, and that his words were twisted). 

Check out his response video below!


In The Spotlight: Taelor Lotus

This post has been a long, long, LONG time coming, but finally I'm pleased to present a spotlight on upcoming clothing brand, Taelor Lotus! Had the opportunity to talk to one of the founders of the brand earlier this month. Check out more about Taelor Lotus after the jump!

"Walk Away"-Olivia (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Today, singer Olivia (also star of VH1's Love & Hip Hop) dropped her official video for her song "Walk Away." The video featured WPGC's own (a hit station around the DMV area) Herkules, who is GORGEOUS. However, the video sheds light on domestic abuse, with Herkules as the villain.

I'm not a huge fan of Olivia's. In fact, she has a LOT more work to do before she is anywhere near this "high level" of stardom that she proclaims to be at in her career. However, this video is a definite step in the right direction. It's a touching song, with a great video concept. So clap, clap bravo for her! Check out the video below!

What do you think of the vid? And can anyone tell me of Olivia's current label situation? Or is Rich still fronting the bill?


"Free Vinny"-Jersey Shore S5, E4 (Recap)

The roommates celebrate when Vinny decides to return to Seaside.Picking up from last Jerzday, Mike has taken off, leaving six people in the house. Danny comes in, which he never does, and reveals that he looking for new workers and new roommates (I think people forget that technically it's Danny's house, and he's renting it out to the roommates...well, MTV). The house is in shock, but Danny definitely ain't playing.

Read more below!


"The Black People Episode"-The Game S5, E4 (Recap)

No I'm not kidding. That really is the name of the episode. I checked!

As always, the episode went by way too fast, but I said I was no longer going to go in as hard on the show, because there's really no point. As I said on last episode's recap, the show is what it is.

It's time for the annual Sunbeam Fashion Show (which apparently has been going on for six years, though I don't remember), which Tasha always has been in charge of. She enlists the help of one Linnethia "NeNe" Leakes (first Glee, now The Game! Go NeNe!) NeNe presents "Volumptuous," which is a thoughful yet tacky line for plus size women. Definitely wasn't feeling the clothes. However, most of the ladies side with Tasha, though Melanie isn't feeling the line herself.

Read more below!


Aretha Franklin Calls Off Her Wedding

Aretha Franklin Calls Off Her Wedding | Aretha FranklinSeems things were a little too rush. Just a few short weeks after announcing their engagement, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin and her fiance William 'Willie' Wilkerson have called off their wedding, which was supposed to take place this summer. According to PEOPLE, Aretha released a statement today:

 "Regretfully, To Our Friends and Supporters: Will and I have decided we were moving a little too fast, and there were a number of things that had not been thought through thoroughly," she said. "There will be no wedding at this time. We will not comment on it any further because of the very personal and sensitive nature of it. We appreciate all of the many well wishes from friends." The statement was signed "Aretha and Will."

This is not necessarily saying that they're over, or that there will never be a wedding. Sometimes, people jump into things a little too fast. And yeah, Aretha's pushing 70, but yet and still, you don't want to have to go through any messy proceedings over a rushed marriage. Besides, so many celeb relationships are failing now a days, it makes me wonder who's next on the block. Here's hoping everything goes well with them.


"Dropping Like Flies"-Jersey Shore S5, E3 (Recap)

The Situation feels alone during his birthday.Another Friday, another Jersey Shore recap! Picking up from last Jerzday, Vinny has officially left the house for good, leaving Pauly and the rest of the house to deal with the aftermath. Pauly tells everybody at the club, causing everyone to get a little upset, especially Deena who has a mini breakdown in the bathroom.

In spite of the situation, the crew continues to party (with Pauly even bringing a girl home to "get it in for Vinny."). Meanwhile Vinny gets home to Staten Island and is welcomed by his family.

Read the rest below!


"No Money, Mo Problems"-The Game S5, E3 (Recap)

Even though I was highly disappointed last week, Tuesday is STILL Game Day. (P.S. If you're wondering why the recap says episode 3, it's because the premiere episode was really two episodes shown in one night. The Game only runs for a half hour). I know I really blasted the season 5 premiere, but, of course I had to keep watching as a loyal fan, and for the sake of these recaps.
Check out my recap below!


"One Man Down"-Jersey Shore S5, E2 (RECAP)

Vinny and Pauly D share an emotional goodbye.Another Jerzday gone, another Friday recap!

Picking up from last week's premiere episode, this episode centers mostly around Vinny. Vinny is still seriously considering leaving the house. He misses home, and doesn't think he can hang at the Shore much longer. I think if they had more of a break between filming season 4 in Italy and filming this season, he maybe would have been okay, if he had a little time to spend with his family. However, they went straight from Italy to Jersey, and began the new season, which had to be hard for him.

Read more below!


Halle Berry Gets Engaged!

Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez Are Engaged!Halle Berry and boyfriend Olivier Martinez have officially gotten engaged, according to Us Weekly (all of these celeb engagements lately!) Olivier apparently proposed over the holidays with an emerald-and-diamond ring.

Now, Halle has been married twice before. She also has a 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry (who she dated nearly five years before their split in April 2010.) She wed former baseball player David Justice in 1993 and divorced four years later. She then married R&B singer Eric Benet in 2001, only to separate in 2003 and finalize their divorce in 2005.

Halle met Olivier, who is a French actor, while working on the film Dark Tide. They first stepped out as a couple in fall 2010. A source told the mag, she "had given up on being married, but she trusts Olivier. He makes her feel safe. He's a keeper!"

Congrats to Halle and Olivier! Wishing you a successful marriage!

The Game Season 5 Premiere (Review) "Skeletons/The Truth Pact"


Already taking on recaps of Jersey Shore (Season 5 premiered last Thursday). I want to start doing more recaps, mainly because Spotlight is the only chance I get to release EVERYTHING I feel about these shows (other than through tweets). So I decided to recap The Game, which is in its 5th season as well. 

I was so excited for this upcoming season, because I have been a big fan of The Game since its debut in 2006 on the CW. With its return to TV on BET, I was grateful to BET for bringing it back last year after the show's cancellation in 2009. I even did a review on the Season 4 premiere, and was glad to see it back for another season.

This recap....I really, REALLY go in. As I said, I'm a longtime fan, and this episode needs some serious critique. This isn't a diss to any of the actors, but mainly to the writers. I have to be real. I wasn't impressed at all. It's a long one, because I have a lot to say (when do I not?). Check out my recap after the jump.


"Fame"-Amber Rose Feat. Wiz Khalifa (SONG)

Amber Rose single cover
Amber Rose is branching away from her model/socialite status, and breaking into music! Her long-awaited single, "Fame," featuring boyfriend rapper Wiz Khalifa, has officially dropped exclusively on PerezHilton.com.

"I'm so excited to release my first song... It's CRAZY!" Amber said of the song. "Working with Wiz is a dream come true. I am fortunate to have his support."

She continued to explain the concept behind the track. "This is a very personal song to me that I wanted to record for my fans," she said. "I want people to see the world from my eyes, you know, from BEHIND MY SHADES! It's my interpretation of what it means to be 'FAMOUS,' which is not something superficial but instead being self-confident and happy with who you are." 

Listen to the song below!


Jay-Z Releases "Glory" In Honor of New Daughter Blue

Beyonce Jayz"You're my child of a child from Destiny's Child..."

Jay-Z just released a song in honor of the newest addition to the Knowles/Carter clan, Blue Ivy Carter (and yes, that's her name...he shouts her out on the track). He then proceeds to talk about how amazing it is to have her here.

He even goes deeper, revealed that Blue was conceived in Paris, right before Beyoncé started recording for 4! He also let the world know that the couple suffered a miscarriage a while back, so they were worried about this child a bit ("Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you'd disappear/But nah baby you magic."). Definitely a beautiful song, and it's great that Jay decided to share his and Bey's story. Music is a powerful art.

And yes, you can hear Blue on the song! Two days old, and she's featured on a track! Granted, it's only her crying, but she's breaking records already and she's just out the womb! Go Blue!

Listen to the song below!



Beyoncé Gives Birth!!!

Yes, finally! And finally from news sources I trust! Contrary to a certain psychic, Beyoncé has indeed given birth to a healthy baby girl, her hometown paper tonight (Jan. 7), The Houston Chronicle, reports! E! Online went on to report the baby's name: Blue Ivy Carter (No Brooklyn, Jaylin, or anything!)

Though Bey and Jay have yet to confirm, other stars have already congratulated them (of course, through tweets!). Russell Simmons tweeted the new parents: "congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z." Rihanna welcomed Princess Blue, tweeting: "Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih." Little Ivy has already made records (pretty sure she's the first celeb baby to be the #1 TT on Twitter...well, maybe not, but unless yall think of any, I'm claiming it).

As a fan, I'm so excited for them!!! I know that they will make great parents (Bey and Jay love sister Solange's son Julez to death!). Gotta admit though, as a blogger, I'm excited that it's over. No more baby watch!!!! Congrats to Beyoncé and Jay-Z and their families!



"S.M.F.U. (Save Me From You)"-Dawn Richard (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"It's a mystery how no one's figured you out."

I don't profess to be the biggest Dawn Richard fan, but the girl is very talented! Check out the video for her newest single, "S.M.F.U. (Save Me From You)" below!


"S.M.F.U." is the first single from Dawn's upcoming album Goldenheart, which will be the first in a trilogy of albums that Dawn has planned for release. The song itself has a cool concept of a man being a superhero, but coming to his girl's rescue last.

Dawn has always been great at songwriting and singing ballads, so I'm glad that she's branching beyond Diddy-Dirty Money, and doing her solo thing (which I thought she would be doing all along, but....well, yeah). I'll definitely support her when the album comes out! (Via Necole Bitchie)

"Hurricane Situation"-Jersey Shore Season 5 Premiere (Recap)

The Situation tries to control Snooki as she lashes out at The Unit.
Last night was the long awaited season premiere of Jersey Shore, and of course, I went Twitter crazy! I was really excited for the first Jerzday of 2012!
Really, I've been pumped since I saw the trailer for what's to come this season. And you know that I had to bring my recaps back! I decided that for now, I will keep writing them, and once I upgrade my system, I'll start recording! (Side note: Also will be doing recaps for season 5 of The Game, which premieres this coming Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on BET!)

Though the episode was a fun one, it wasn't without its share of DRAMA! Just like I like it! Check out my recap of Jersey Shore below!


Mila Kunis Joins Dior

Friends With Benefits star Mila Kunis has joined under the Christian Dior umbrella, modeling the Miss Dior handbag, according to PEOPLE.

 “I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Dior,” Mila said in a statement. “The brand is iconic in so many ways. It defines fashion, elegance and sophistication.” See Mila's ads below!

Psychic Predicts Beyoncé's Baby Will Be A Boy

Even though I don't believe most of these news reports on Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby, as a fan, I have to admit that it's been fun speculating, and waiting for news of this baby's arrival. This baby's birth will be one of, if not the most awaited celebrity birth of 2012!

Well this next report certainly goes against the grain. MTV News reports that psychic Jesse Bravo told their team that Bey is not carrying a girl like many believe. According to Jesse, she will deliver a son by the end of next week.

"I feel that Beyoncé's 2012 is going to be very, very exciting," he said in an interview (Duh.) . "I get the date of January 8 to January 14 of her giving birth to her first son." Hmmmm...watch the rest of Jesse's prediction below!

Cast of Jersey Shore Talks Being Back Home

The cast of 'Jersey Shore'
Tonight is the premiere of what could possibly be the final season of MTV's Jersey Shore (at least with the original cast). You already know that I'm excited! Prepping for my recaps!

Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie and J Woww talk to the Hollywood Reporter about what it was like heading back to the Shore after Italy, and what fans can expect from this season. Check out the video below!

Casey Anthony Releases Video Diary

Casey Anthony Says Her Life Has Become 'Surreal' | Casey AnthonyWhile this is not typical celebrity news, I still had to report because of the magnitude of the case. Casey Anthony, who was cleared of charges of killing her daughter Caylee in July, has released a video talking to the public.

Casey had a new hair cut, dye blonde, and wore black-framed glasses and a white tank top. Not discussing anything about the case itself, she talks about her life in probation – how happy she is to have a computer, phone and camera she can call her own. She also mentions that she has adopted a dog. Check out the video below.


Evelyn Braxton To Wed In February

I don't know what is about 2012, but it seems like everybody is taking their relationships to the next level! Now the matriarch of the Braxton family may be headed down the aisle!. According to Sister 2 Sister Magazine, a source close to the family said that Evelyn Braxton will be tying the knot again in February.

These past two seasons of Braxton Family Values, featured on WEtv, viewers have seen Miss E and her daughters (Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar) go through their ups and downs. We've definitely seen Miss E on quite a few romantic dates. In season 1, she went out with a white man for the first time. This season, Towanda set her up on a date with a 27 year old man! (Mama Evelyn is 60!).

Bouncing back from those interesting dates, as well as a divorce from Michael Braxton after infidelity, Miss Evelyn is settling down. The source went on to say that the mom of six is planning on looking her best for the ceremony! “She will be working out at the gym to be over-the-top fabulous,” said the source.

There’s no word yet on who her fiance is, but I think it may be that "Doc" character that was seen earlier this season. WEtv HAS to show us who it is!!!

Beyoncé Not Selling Baby Pictures

In spite of reports in past weeks of Beyoncé giving birth to her baby to ring in 2012 , the singer is still very much pregnant (such a surprise that MediaTakeOut was wrong AGAIN). However, once Babyoncé officially arrives, fans and media alike shouldn’t expect to see the newborn featured on a magazine cover.

According to the Huffington Post, Beyonce and rap star husband Jay-Z will not be selling pictures of their child (rumored to be a girl).

Today, once a celebrity baby is born, it seems the parents head straight to a magazine to sell photos of their new family addition. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sold pictures of their twins, Knox and Vivienne, for close to $12 million, with the proceeds being donated to charity. Other celebrities who have sold baby pictures include Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, and Tori Spelling. However, that can’t be expected of this celebrity couple.

Read more below!

Kardashian Clan Starting Their Own Magazine?

Could it be? According to the New York Post, sources say that the Kardashian clan could possibly be coming out with their own magazine. The fam is supposedly close to landing a deal with American Media Inc., which owns Star, The National Enquirer and Shape, in efforts to launch a mag of all thing Kardash. “This is a Kardashian idea,” a source said. “They have been reaching out to several media outlets."

This has yet to be confirmed by momager Kris Jenner, or any of the Kardashian sisters. However, rumors are circulating that they all plan to be involved in editorial, and that the mag could launch as soon as spring. Some are saying that say the mag will be more of a fanzine devoted to the family, while others believe that this Kardashian zine will be similar to Kim’s celebuzz blog, which gives fans the inside scoop on family news and plugs for sponsors. AMI and a Kardashian rep declined to comment.

Though I personally am a bit skeptical on this really happening, I wouldn't put it past the family to publish something like this. With the negativity coming from Kim's divorce, maybe they want a chance to set the record straight with fans and the media. Plus they're always looking for new ventures. I can't knock the hustle. If a Kardashian magazine were to come out, I'm sure the dedicated fans would buy! Would you buy a magazine of all things Kardashian?

Nick Cannon Hospitalized For Mild Kidney Failure

Nick Cannon Hospitalized for "Mild Kidney Failure"According to Us Weekly, Nick Cannon has been hospitalized for mild kidney failure, while on vacation with wife Mariah Carey in Aspen. Mariah uploaded a photo of them inside his hospital room. "We're trying to be as festive as possible under the circumstances but please keep Nick in your thoughts because this is very painful," she wrote on her official website, telling fans that doctors tried -- and failed -- to get her out of Nick's room.

"We're doing OK but we're stranded in Aspen," Mariah added. "I know, we could be in a lot worse places, but the truth is as long as we're together, we're OK. I'm not trying to make light out of the situation because it's a serious moment that's very tough on all of us," she continued. "So please keep us and our family in your prayers."

Nick is only in his early 30s, and seems to be in pretty good shape, so that's really alarming to read. Hope everything's okay!


#NowPlaying F.N.A.O.-Smash Adamz (MIXTAPE)

Hello, hello everyone! Happy New Year to you all! Today, I'm listening to my boy Smash Adams' new mixtape F.N.A.O. (Failure's Not An Option), which includes his single "Blackout." The tape dropped this past week, and I gotta say I'm proud of the little clown haha. He's doing what he said he would! Listen to it below!


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