"The Black People Episode"-The Game S5, E4 (Recap)

No I'm not kidding. That really is the name of the episode. I checked!

As always, the episode went by way too fast, but I said I was no longer going to go in as hard on the show, because there's really no point. As I said on last episode's recap, the show is what it is.

It's time for the annual Sunbeam Fashion Show (which apparently has been going on for six years, though I don't remember), which Tasha always has been in charge of. She enlists the help of one Linnethia "NeNe" Leakes (first Glee, now The Game! Go NeNe!) NeNe presents "Volumptuous," which is a thoughful yet tacky line for plus size women. Definitely wasn't feeling the clothes. However, most of the ladies side with Tasha, though Melanie isn't feeling the line herself.

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Meanwhile, Derwin and Malik still have beef, because Malik is bitter behind getting benched because of his affair with the Sabers' owner's wife (details that if you don't know, you honestly need to recap). Derwin later tries to reach out to a new teammate Kwan, who I believe is the new QB, and invites him to hang out with the team after a game. However, Kwan declines.

Later, Chardonnay and Jason go out with some of Chardonnay's black friends (one of whom was played  by Kel Mitchell. Where you been?!). Slowly but surely, Jason begins to accept his "brotherhood." However, the group brings up racism in this country, which cause Jason to be suspicious of those around him.

Next, we hear that Melanie is in vitro and this other girl Sunbeam (I forgot her name) comes in and presents a new idea for the fashion show, designed by British (by way of Alabama) fashion designer, Mr. Donatella Sweet Scott. He presents "Cornucopia"and the outfits are fabulous! The fashion show is in definite need of some revamping. However, when put to a vote, Tasha's show won a majority of the votes.

In the next scene, Jason and a white guy are walking out of a sporting goods store, when the detector goes off. When a cashier lets the white man go, adamant that it was Jason's bag that went off, Jason brings up the issue of race, since he's starting to look for it now after his conversation with Chardonnay and her friends. Come to find out that his cashier was new, and has been leaving on security tags all day, so that's why the cashier knew it was his bag that went off. In the parking lot, he almost gets hit by a driver, and the driver says something along the lines of "Calm down Blacky, I could've hit you." I'm not in total love with the racism storyline (I would go into detail but this would make an already long recap even longer). However, it's a good fit for Jason, because I don't think he has ever fully accepted the fact that he's black. So to see him hang out with his own and learn from them is cool to watch.

Later when Derwin approaches Kwan again to bond with the team, Kwan makes it clear that he's only here to win a championship. Being friends doesn't matter. Which sucks for Derwin, because he is all about team unity and friendship and what not.

Jason drowns his sorrows of dealing with that racist at Chardonnay's bar, where he admits he's confused over when something is racist or not. Chardonnay calms him down, and Jason sneaks in a little kiss. Cute. I think Chardonnay really balances Jason out. Even if and when they do get their marriage annulled, they still make a good couple.

Later, Tasha goes on about her plans for the fashion show, even incorporating 1/2 of Jodeci--JoJo and Mr. Dalvin.  However, Melanie decides to enact her authority and take over the fashion show. Of course, Tasha went IN on her, and said basically how Melanie won't ever bring her down, she can't be as successful as Tasha, blah blah blah. When, in reality, Tasha is lashing out STILL because she is upset at losing Derwin (who has become quite the star wide receiver/endorsement winner) as a client, while her son/actual client Malik is sitting on the sidelines.

As always, I'll be watching next Game Day!

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