"Dropping Like Flies"-Jersey Shore S5, E3 (Recap)

The Situation feels alone during his birthday.Another Friday, another Jersey Shore recap! Picking up from last Jerzday, Vinny has officially left the house for good, leaving Pauly and the rest of the house to deal with the aftermath. Pauly tells everybody at the club, causing everyone to get a little upset, especially Deena who has a mini breakdown in the bathroom.

In spite of the situation, the crew continues to party (with Pauly even bringing a girl home to "get it in for Vinny."). Meanwhile Vinny gets home to Staten Island and is welcomed by his family.

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This week is both Pauly and Mike's birthdays, so the house preps for that. A little later on, Snooki and Deena have a "Meatball Day" and get MESSED UP on the boardwalk! As only Team Meatball could! The day ends bad for Deena when she comes home and all of her hair and hair extensions are in mysterious knots. She gets it together though.

Later when the crew goes out, so many things are in honor of Vinny (Ronnie wearing skinny jeans, Pauly getting yet another DTF chick).  Mike's friend Unit comes around again, and Mike talks about how he's the key witness to Snooki and Mike's hookup (which I am BEYOND tired of hearing about). A random fight breaks out, right when Unit and Mike plan to approach Snooki, but Unit gets kicked out

The house calls Vinny to talk, and Vinny is doing a lot better at home. If he will ever come back to the Shore, I don't know, but I'm sure the house was glad to hear his voice. Later, the crew goes out to Aztec, where Mike sees this Bosnia girl that he met at the Shore Store and Paula, who he hooks up with on the regular. Seeing as it's Pauly's 31st birthday (yeah he and Mike are both in their 30s), Mike introduces Bosnia to Pauly, so Mike can take Paula home. Pauly takes Bosnia home, but ends up calling her a cab since Bosnia doesn't want to get it in, but she later comes back and wants to hang out with Mike. Since Mike has Paula, he sends her home nicely. Mike and Paula could eventually be in a relationship.

The next day, Pauly's family comes to surprise him for his birthday, and go out to family dinner to Rivoli's. Mike is upset and jealous since his family's not around. Later, the girls have made Pauly a birthday cake, but Mike feels left out. I thought that the girls were planning something for both Mike and Pauly, but not that day. Mike has a breakdown and walks out of the house, alienating himself from the rest of the crew. Are we down to six?

Next Jerzday: Danny comes by to discuss the possibility of new roommates, while Pauly has yet another surprise party, and Sam gets into a random bar fight. The house goes to Staten Island to kidnap Vinny, but get no answer....Hmm. Until next Jerzday!


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