"Fame"-Amber Rose Feat. Wiz Khalifa (SONG)

Amber Rose single cover
Amber Rose is branching away from her model/socialite status, and breaking into music! Her long-awaited single, "Fame," featuring boyfriend rapper Wiz Khalifa, has officially dropped exclusively on PerezHilton.com.

"I'm so excited to release my first song... It's CRAZY!" Amber said of the song. "Working with Wiz is a dream come true. I am fortunate to have his support."

She continued to explain the concept behind the track. "This is a very personal song to me that I wanted to record for my fans," she said. "I want people to see the world from my eyes, you know, from BEHIND MY SHADES! It's my interpretation of what it means to be 'FAMOUS,' which is not something superficial but instead being self-confident and happy with who you are." 

Listen to the song below!

It's a decent song. If the beat was a little harder, I could see it being played in the club. It's not a #1 hit (well, maybe the Rosebuds might take it there), but it's cute. Though Amber's voice is EXACTLY like Cassie's, she has more fans than Cassie, so she might actually pull off a career. MAYBE. It was rather smart to have it premiere on Perez's site though...he gets mad hits!

Side note: It just hit me this morning that Amber's confession of Kim Kardashian hooking up with Kanye West while he and Amber were together CONVENIENTLY came right before this single dropped. Hmm. But I like Amber, so I'm going to let that go.

What do you think of the single?


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