"Free Vinny"-Jersey Shore S5, E4 (Recap)

The roommates celebrate when Vinny decides to return to Seaside.Picking up from last Jerzday, Mike has taken off, leaving six people in the house. Danny comes in, which he never does, and reveals that he looking for new workers and new roommates (I think people forget that technically it's Danny's house, and he's renting it out to the roommates...well, MTV). The house is in shock, but Danny definitely ain't playing.

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Mike pops back up, and reveals that he's upset about nobody seeming to do anything for his birthday, and that's why he stormed off. Little does he know that the house is planning a surprise birthday party for him and Pauly. For the party, the girls have arranged strippers and the strippers' pimp is rawther creepy (*Eloise voice*). Deena and Sam call Vinny and invite him to come to Mike and Pauly's surprise birthday, but he declines, which sucks.

At the Shore Store, Pauly, Deena, and Snooki do great at work to impress Danny and hopefully change his mind about bringing in new roommates. The next day, Jenni shows up to work on time, while Ronnie and Mike, of course, don't. Danny literally puts up a help wanted sign, and people come flocking in asking about the position. Jenni rips down the sign, and Danny makes her put up a new one. He is DEAD SERIOUS. And the roommates make it clear that they don't want to have to deal with new people, especially since they've been doing this for five seasons.

The Meatballs go to a Party Lane (wannabe Party City??) to buy decorations for the surprise party, and buys a bunny suit! Why? Because they can and they're awesome!

Later, the house heads to Karma for what Mike and Pauly think is a regular Thursday night at Karma, and are surpised by family and friends. Then comes wheelchairs and out come the strippers. Pauly and Mike both pick up chicks (Mike, of course, takes the stripper home). And not saying that even a stripper shouldn't have standards (no diss to those out there),  but for a stripper (no diss to strippers) and a DTF chick, the girl had the nerve to complain about Mike not giving her matching socks. GIRL. You must not know. I guess Mike put her in her place the next morning when he called the taxi for her, and told she had 1 minute to wait, and closed the door on her haha! He didn't even remember her name! I think they rarely do.

That night, Snooki stays home with Jionni while the crew goes out to Bamboo. Randomly, Sam gets into a fight, after a girl yanks her hair, and gets kicked out. So the rest of the house comes home. The next day, everybody is kind of in a funk, mainly thinking about Vinny. So Pauly suggests they go get him from Staten Island. They barge into Vinny's house, and get him to come back. Which I'm sooooo happy about. Vinny got FINE over the past year or so, at least to me! And he looked better. Got a fresh cut, his abs were looking nice, and he even got a new tat ("Let go, Let God") on his upper chest. HOT! Now the house is complete again, and everyone's happy. Hopefully Vinny will be all right and make it through the rest of the season.

Next Jerzday: The bunny attacks. Mike is being nice, a little too nice if you ask Ronnie. Of course, Mike calls up a mysterious person to "reveal some information." A.k.a. the Snooki/Mike alleged hookup. *Rolls eyes*

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