"Hurricane Situation"-Jersey Shore Season 5 Premiere (Recap)

The Situation tries to control Snooki as she lashes out at The Unit.
Last night was the long awaited season premiere of Jersey Shore, and of course, I went Twitter crazy! I was really excited for the first Jerzday of 2012!
Really, I've been pumped since I saw the trailer for what's to come this season. And you know that I had to bring my recaps back! I decided that for now, I will keep writing them, and once I upgrade my system, I'll start recording! (Side note: Also will be doing recaps for season 5 of The Game, which premieres this coming Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on BET!)

Though the episode was a fun one, it wasn't without its share of DRAMA! Just like I like it! Check out my recap of Jersey Shore below!

To start the episode, we see the cast coming back from Italy and heading straight to the Shore for the summer. Even though Italia was amazing, they're beyond excited to be home! It's the little things that matter, hitting the gym and tanning salon, making calls on the duck phone, and Snooki getting her pickles!

On the way to the house, Mike brings up the rooming situation, since he knew nobody really wanted to room with him because of his drama in Italy. The majority decides to stick to their old rooms, minus Sam and Ronnie, because they roomed with Mike last.

After dropping off all 50,000 of their bags, the guys head straight to the tanning salon where Pauly D runs in with a PURPOSE, begging the staff to get him into a tanning bed STAT! Later they head to the gym and barbershop, recovering from GTL deprivation in Italy and getting right for the summer. I missed them so!

The crew later heads to see boss Danny down at the Shore Store, which they will be and invites them out to drinks later in the week. Drinks with Danny actually turns out to be a surprise party, with everyone's friends and family coming out to welcome them home. It's a tad bit awkward however, because there is still some unfinished business between couple Snooki and Jionni (since Snooks did hook up with Vinny while they were away!).

What makes things even more awkward is that Snooki's friend Ryder and Mike's friend Unit were both in attendance. These two were alleged witnesses to the supposed hookup between Mike and Snooki shortly before Italy (Snooki was with Jionni then). Of course, Mike opens his mouth and says something to Unit about him seeing everything, and Unit has to egg Snooki on, approaching her for the rest of the night as if he's going to tell Jionni what went down.

Eventually Snooki and Unit get into an argument, leading to the first big drama of the season. Snooki ends up crying yet again, which is why I really do believe that something went down with her and Mike. I've had this debate with a few people (yes, I do debate about TV shows, music, and the like...entertainment is my passion!). Snooki is getting a little too upset over this for my liking. If nothing happened like you said, then stick by that! If Jionni would believe Mike and Unit over you, then your relationship was a goner from the get go!

After the party, Unit, Ryder, Jionni, and a few others came back to the house to stay the night. What makes Snooki look even more guilty is that she hid in the room with Jionni for the rest of the night. Well, that was really to smush, but she definitely wanted to stay away from Mike and Unit. What put the icing on the guilt cake was when Snooki apologized to Unit the next day for her drunken actions, after Mike told her to do so. Snooki, I love you, but we ALL know you did it. However, Mike, I don't want this to be a major storyline for the rest of the season. It's boring me a bit. I think Mike's just upset because Snooki passed him up for Jionni.

Other story lines: Ryder and Pauly hook up. She's gotten AROUND in that house--Vinny, Mike I think, Unit, and now Pauly! Deena, of course, did a little bit of blocking, since she still has a crush on Pauly. Next morning, the guys made jokes about Ryder's name--I mean, cuz everybody "RYDER"just like a bus route! Ehhh...let me not judge.

Another storyline is that Vinny is really, really homesick. The surprise party made him realize just how much he had missed his family, and he is considering going home (which it looks like he does later in the season).

Check out this super teaser to see what's ahead for this season of Jersey Shore! Until next Jerzday!

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  1. This season of Jersey Shore is going to be awesome. I couldn't wait to watch the first episode but with school and working late at DISH I couldn't stay up to watch it, I was tired. Luckily I was able to watch it on my computer using DISH Online. This site always comes in hand with my hectic schedule. I couldn’t stop laughing at Deena and how weird she was being, um hello, sitting on the edge of Paul’s bed, weird! Vinny is a big baby, if he misses his mum then go home, gee. I love reality shows and I can catch up with them all using DISH Online. I can’t wait for the next episode.



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