"One Man Down"-Jersey Shore S5, E2 (RECAP)

Vinny and Pauly D share an emotional goodbye.Another Jerzday gone, another Friday recap!

Picking up from last week's premiere episode, this episode centers mostly around Vinny. Vinny is still seriously considering leaving the house. He misses home, and doesn't think he can hang at the Shore much longer. I think if they had more of a break between filming season 4 in Italy and filming this season, he maybe would have been okay, if he had a little time to spend with his family. However, they went straight from Italy to Jersey, and began the new season, which had to be hard for him.

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Jionni pops up at the house again after a night out, and he and Mike cook together. It's like they're becoming best friends or something! And you KNOW that Snooki is not feeling that. She heads up to bed in a bit of a huff, probably knowing that Jionni would go after her, and stay away from Mike. I know that this entire Snooki-Mike-Jionni drama is far from over, but I wish it would be already! Mike, nobody cares if you and Snooki hooked up. The excitement behind that drama came and went.

After arriving late to his shift at the Shore Store, Vinny reveals to boss Danny that he has clinical anxiety, and says he has had it since he was 16. The anxiety is a good part of the reason why Vinny's been a little depressed. I'm not sure if anyone in the house really knows about this. I know that's the first time the viewers are hearing anything about it. Anxiety is very much a real condition, and can really take its toll on a person. Later, Vinny, Pauly and Mike go out for a guy's day to boost Vinny's spirits up, a little guy's day. They go out for manicures and pedicures at a local nail shop. Guys, I know that it may seem a bit on the feminine side to do that, but yall need to keep yourselves up too! At the nail shop the other day, I saw a man bring his ENTIRE family there for pedicures and manicures! It's perfectly fine, just so you know.

Later, the gang goes out for their first night at Karma for the summer Of course, Snooki is typical Snooki and gets wasted, and Jionni gets upset again, and makes her leave with him. Even I am beginning to think that Snooki needs to tone it down. Nothing wrong with having a drink or two, and getting a little faded, but being a sloppy drunk is NEVER cute! Sloppy drunks get laughed at, and

At the end of the night, Pauly brings over a DTF chick, and they get it in really quick. What I didn't know that they made them leave RIGHT AFTER! It was 4 in the morning, and Pauly hits the duck phone, calling a cab for this girl. Well, you get what you ask for, I guess. While Pauly is making the call, the girl takes Pauly's favorite chain, which he awesomely left on the floor, and stuffs it in her shorts. The next morning, after Pauly has spent all day looking for it, the girl came back with it on.She either took it to be able to come back and talk to him, or went home and took pics with it to say, "I screwed Pauly D AND got his chain!" Basic chicks will do either. This lead Pauly to come to this conclusion: "Whenever a girl leaves the house, I'm going to hug her and pat her down at the same time!" Yup!

As the episode goes on, Vinny becomes more and more depressed. As everyone leaves to go out to Karma again, Pauly stays behind to talk to him. However, Vinny calls his sister, and lets her know that he's ready to leave. His anxiety is too much to take being at the Shore right now. Pauly, of course, tries to talk him out it, but Vin's mind is made up. I know it was hard for Pauly to see Vinny go, but he knew that Vinny had to do what was best for him, and helped him pack. It's sad to see Vinny go, especially because he officially became my Jersey Shore crush, and I love his character. However, he needed to do what was best for him. The house won't be the same without him though.

Next Jerzday: The rest of the house deals with Vinny going home, and the crew celebrates Pauly's birthday, completely ignoring the fact that it's Mike's birthday as well, which creates a real bad and hurtful situation for the Situation!


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