"The Follow Game"-Jersey Shore S5, E6 (Recap)

JWOWW decides to swallow her pride and apologize to Roger.Picking up from last Jerzday, Mike decides to call the Unit to come down and tell Jionni the "truth,"to rile up some trouble with Snooki. However, Unit is on vacation on Miami. Apparently, now Deena's sister is messing around with Mike's brother. Mike wants the details on that to bring up later in the house. I honestly think that dude's just bored with life. He needs something to do with himself at that house. There's good drama, and then there's boring same old drama. Mike bores me.

Meanwhile Jenni is having her issues with Roger not spending enough time with her, which is sad because I think they make a really cute couple. Roger step your game up!

Later, the house heads to Aztec, which is NOT better than Karma at all. Jenni ends up leaving early, since she's still in a funk about Roger. Here we see the DTF game at play. Vinny finds two chicks, and one is much better looking than the other one, so Vinny sends her away. Only DTF 1 comes back, and then Deena keeps DTF 1 busy (the ultimate wingman) , while Vinny talks to DTF 2. HA! Then it turns out that after all that DTF 2 is a LESBIAN! Can we say karma, Vinny?!

Snooki walks home drunk. Shoutout to those fur boots she had on! Everyone else ends up walking home together later, and Vinny is disappointed that Nikki (DTF 2) doesn't even want to come in.  However Deanna (DTF 1) is still there with Deena, so Vinny has a back up. Oh the games!

Jenni calls Roger and asks him where the hell he's been. Roger tells her that he "messed up his phone," and couldn't go to work today. It all sounds shady. She vents to Snooki, but Snooks seems to be cuddled up with Crocodily, so I doubt she was paying much attention. Later, Jenni is supposed to go out on a date with Roger. However, Roger calls and tells her that he is stuck at work, and is running late. She feels like he doesn't put her first, and puts him ON BLAST and hangs up the phone! She's really let down, which I can definitely understand!

The Meatballs and Pauly go to work. The Meatballs play the follow game around the store, and end up running out of the store. They go to the bar, which pisses off Danny. He goes to find them, and the girls play hide and seek. They're like kids!  The Meatballs end up finding a bachelorette, and leave to go drink with her in celebration of her upcoming nuptials!

Meanwhile, Pauly actually has a stalker, who he saw on the boardwalk once. She wears the same Pauly D outfit and hat every time he sees her! Vinny, Jenni, and Pauly go to find the Meatballs, and Pauly sees the girl AGAIN! Pauly is legit scared! Later, at the bar, Pauly and Vinny are playing pool, and there goes the stalker! He ends up meeting her, when Vinny introduces her as a joke, after Pauly pulled out a grenade on him earlier.

Danny is really pissed at the Meatballs because they always mess around. Deena calls to apologize, but Danny is still mad. At the end of the day, that's his business, and sometimes people in the house act like the Shore Store is a big game.

At Sunday dinner, Mike brings up the fact that his brother is still dating Deena's sister. Mike makes some underhand jokes. After dinner, Mike calls the Unit and asks about the couple. He finds out that it's a "smash and dash" with Deena's sister and Mike's brother. Deena is not really sure about the new couple and is suspicious still of Mike, saying "A leopard never sheds its stripes." Wow. Just wow. It's so hard for me to defend myself watching this show sometimes! Haha I love Deena, regardless!

A little later, Deena's sister Joanie calls. Joanie and Mike start talking about the date, and wants it to continue to go on, just so he can find out some juicy dirt.

The next day, Pauly and Vinny go to the gym, and see Roger. Roger makes it clear that he's not going to be calling Jenni, running back to apologize. He doesn't play games, so Jenni may be waiting by that phone for a while. Vinny goes back and tells Jenni what's up. Jenni may be being stubborn, but I still say she's right. Girls stick together, guys stick together, I guess. She does eventually suck up her pride and call him to apologize, and Roger goes off on her! He tells her if she doesn't stop with her insecurities and start trusting him, their relationship is going to be through!

That's a way to end Jerzday!


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