"It All Belongs To Me"-Brandy and Monica (SONG)

Monica and BrandyAll I can say is: FINALLY! We have been waiting for this duet for quite some time, and Brandy and Monica didn't disappoint. The duo released their newest song together "It All Belongs To Me," today and the world is going crazy, with Brandy and Monica and the song title become top trending topics within 20 minutes of the song's release!

The collaboration, produced by Rico Love, features the women kicking out their men on the soulful song, which will appear on both of their upcoming albums.

Listen to the song below!

“It’s a very soulful R&B song with pop sensibilities,” Love told Rap-Up.com. “I wanted to make sure I made it a classic R&B record, but I definitely wanted to make sure that it had enough appeal to cross over and become a Top 40 record.” Brandy added, “This business is all about competition. They forgot about what is the most important, which is two talents coming together. It’s just great to come back and do something with [Monica]. This is definitely a blessing.”

It's been 14 years since Brandy and Monica dropped their duet "The Boy Is Mine" in 1998. I remember being a kid and going crazy every time that came on the radio! To hear them again together is great! I think that their voices really compliment each other, and it's great to see them back together on this song! It's an amazing jam!


  1. As a fan of both for 14 yrs I guess you and I weren't listening to the same song. They sound amazing because they are amazing, but the content of the song is dumb mac book facebook??? Its a poor knock off of Irreplaceable and imo the subject matter is very immature for such seasoned artist. Monica better be careful releasing all of these not so much songs because it's starting to feel like New Life will be more like Stale Air. This song is another album filler. Maybe if a girl between 19-25 did it it would work but Rico Love FAILED Monica and Brandy.

  2. Ha yeah we were. I agree the content definitely rang Irreplaceable, and it may not be on the level of "The Boy Is Mine," but I liked it anyway. To each his own.



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