Matchmaker, Matchmaker...Mind Your Business!-The Game S5, E8 (Recap)

Every Tuesday (well minus last Tuesday) is Game Day! After skipping a week for a new episode, The Game returns. Picking up from the last Game Day, Tasha is STILL beefing with Melanie, and forces Tee Tee to ignore her as well. I'm beyond over this whole fighting game with these two, but if it makes for a strong reunion for them towards the end of the season, so be it.

Melanie realizes she doesn't have any friends and tries to connect with Janay. They just have gotten to the point where they're civil, so it takes Janay by surprise and makes things a little awkward. Janay reveals she is hanging out with a new guy Noah, and Melanie invites them for dinner with her and Derwin the next night.

Later, Tasha realizes that while she's trying to get "Malik's ignant (not ignorant, IGNANT, her words) behind" on track, she's been missing having a man in her life. Tee Tee suggests that she hire somebody to relieve her stress sexually. He even gives her a number to a discreet escort company, which Malik promptly balls up and throws away.

That night, Melanie tells Derwin that Janay and her new man is invited to their house for dinner. Of course, Derwin isn't really feeling it, but he accepts that Melanie is STRUGGLING friendwise if she's trying to reach out to Janay like this.

Back at her room, Tasha is looking at everything sexually, getting hot flashes and everything. She ends up picking the number for the escort service out of the trash, using Melanie's name to try to hook somebody. 

The conversation is very awkward between the table at Melanie and Derwin's. Irv walks in and sits down at the dinner table, and points out Noah isn't part of the family, and needs to be Googled. Irv and Tee Tee are the most comedic characters that this show has, so he definitely lightened up the mood a little.

Later, Tasha goes to the bar for a strong drink. She meets Renaldo (played by Carl Anthony Payne--COLE FROM Martin!) who is short, but sparks good conversation and jokes because the bar seems to be a prostitute ground. She ends up having sex with him.

Back at the dinner, Janay confesses to Melanie that she and Noah are not only dating, but are also engaged.  Melanie and Janay connect a little off of the news. Janay makes Melanie swear that she won't say anything to Derwin. Melanie of course is excited because she has a secret with someone. While Melanie and Irv like Noah, Derwin states that he hates him.

Tasha calls Tee Tee excitedly, boasting that she found a man without paying for one. However, it turns out that Renaldo is a male prostitute and charges Tasha for his time!

Later that night, Melanie has a conversation with Derwin about why he didn't like Noah. She feels like maybe he still has some sort of feelings for Janay and doesn't want her to move on, which Derwin brushes off. However, it makes a lot of sense, because Noah himself seemed like a good dude, so why doesn't Derwin like him. Melanie tells the surprise news that Noah and Janay are getting married, with Derwin saying nothing, but thinking about the news.

Lord.....well, for those who don't know, Pooch Hall (who plays Derwin) has signed on to do another show on Showtime. He's not leaving The Game, but apparently will be making less appearances. Maybe this is his way out. If he still has feelings for Janay, Melanie probably won't want him. They'll get divorced and Derwin will be demoted to a supporting role, just like Brittany Daniel (Kelly) and Coby Bell (Jason) were. (And Brittany's role is nonexistent now). Just a theory....


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