My Video Review of the Grammys

Ok, so this is my first ever video review on the blog. I wanted to try something different, and if people like it, then I'll start reviewing more award and TV shows in video format. If not, I'm sticking to writing! Haha! I was definitely a little nervous, even though it was only me and my laptop (and a few people walking in and out at my job! I got bored!). Like I said, just wanted to try something new. Check out my review of the big night below!

I'll probably post some videos of the big performances later today too, when I actually have enough energy to deal with searching for them and embedding HTML codes!

Oh and by the way, look out for a song from me coming up soon "Marvin's Room Revamped." Yes, everybody and their mother has covered that song, and you can add me to the list haha! I'll tell y'all more later!

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