"Nothing But Nice"-Jersey Shore S5, E5 (Recap)

"Lola" takes over the confessional.This normally comes a lot earlier in the day, but here we go anyway. Picking up from last Jerzday, VINNY IS BACK!!!!! The house is whole again! The crew celebrates Vinny's return by heading to Karma, where Vinny and Pauly pick up their bromance. If there was a list of the top bromances in reality TV history, guarantee that they would be top five. Meanwhile, Pauly and Ronnie notice that Mike is being extra nice, and are wondering about his true intentions.

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The house heads to Jenks the next day to hang out and have drinks. Mike ends up seeing a whole crew of guys that he knows, and invites them to hang out. Snooki thinks she may have a UTI, because she has been having some bladder control issues (which apparently can be relieved by tequila according to Dr. Snooki). While the rest of the house wants to go over to the batting cages, Mike wants to stay at Jenks and stays behind. Later, Snooki, Mike, and Deena end up getting in the same cab, and Mike (who is drunk) talks about his concerns, thinking that some people talk behind his back. Snooki thinks that Mike needs to hang out with them more, but also tells him to confront anybody that he thinks is talking about him.

Back at the house, Mike is still drunk, talking about him trying to be nice, sparking a household conversation. However, it's hard to take him seriously when his privates are out a little bit. Snooki is real and tells him that the house doesn't trust him (he is "crazy pants"). Mike asks the guys if he really did anything to piss him off, or if they have any issues with them, and of course, the boys don't say anything. However, the boys don't trust Mike either.

With all of this going on, Snooki brings out the bunny suit from last week, and ransacks the house. They also play "Warm Beer," which Snooki is the ultimate target of. It gives the house a well needed laugh.

The next day, Jenni's friend Dina comes over to fix Jenni and Snooki's hair. Snooki's dad Andy comes over. Mike runs into Roger on the boardwalk, who Jenni has been trying to call and call. Later, Mike tells Jenni, who gets really mad at Roger. He can spend all of his time on the boardwalk and at the beach, but can't pick up his phone?

Snooki goes to hang out with his dad on the boardwalk. Somehow, someway, Mike now believes that Snooki is the troublemaker. With all of the boys playing innocent like they have no problems with Mike, Mike thinks that Snooki was trying to start trouble by telling him to confront Now, he wants to retaliate on Snooki with the information about the alleged hookup. Sigh. It was only a matter of time before this came up again.

Next Jerzday, Mike calls up Unit to discuss the situation, while Jenni calls Roger and confronts him about not being a good boyfriend!

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