Rihanna/Chris Brown Collaborations!

Moments earlier (and on Rihanna's 24th birthday no less), Rih Rih and Chris Brown released their remixes to popular songs "Birthday Cake" and "Turn Up The Music" which feature EACH OTHER! Rihanna said that we could expect a collaboration that would shock the world. I know media and naysayers across the world are on the verge of cardiac arrest! I kind of wonder how Chris' girl Karrueche feels about this too.....

I'm over their whole situation, and obviously they are too. It's been three years, and I think this was really just a bold statement saying "It's done." They both make amazing music, so let them make that amazing music together!

Check out the remixes to "Birthday Cake" and "Turn Up The Music" below! 

Birthday Cake Remix!!!

Turn Up The Music Remix!!!

Both of the songs are hot! Can't wait to get these into my iPod! 

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  1. Thanks Britt...I can always look to you for the latest info!!



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