"Sharp Objects"-Jersey Shore S5, E8 (Recap)

After losing a bet with The Situation, Snooki spends the night at Karma in her 'Lola' outfit.
Picking up from last Jerzday, Roger gets into a small fight with a dude who was grabbing on Jenni, with the house leaving after.Both Roger and Jionni come over, and both Snooki and Jenni want to get it in. 

However, Jionni throws off the mood by throwing up the rest of the night, while Roger hangs out with the roommates, and Jenni was OVER it!

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The next day, Sam and Deena come up with the idea to go fishing and catch crabs down at the dock for Sunday dinner. The house goes down to the bait shop with absolutely no idea what they're doing. Wanting a tan, Mike decides to sunbathe on the dock, and Vinny picks up a crab and throws it on him!

Snooki and Deena get on a little float boat, and end up underneath the dock. The Meatballs get close to some sharp objects while they're on the water, and the rest of the house yells, "Sharp!" to get their attention to move away. But Deena thinks everyone said "Shark," and panics, sending her and Snooki into the water. They get up and the water is only 3 feet deep! Jersey Shore antics! The house ends up catching a few crabs and tiny fish, but ultimately get Chinese for Sunday dinner.

Vinny, Pauly, and Deena head to their shift at the Shore Store. Boss Danny tells Pauly that his stalker Vanessa apparently came in the day before. This girl is taking her obsession a little far!

Later, Snooki plays Mike in a game, and the loser has to wear the bunny suit to Karma for about 10 minutes. Snooki ends up losing, but the bunny suit was the star of the night! Everybody loves Lola! A chick comes up to Mike and says that she is DTF. Mike, Vinny and Pauly all get their girls to take home, while Snooki and Deena head to the beach drunk. They get caught by the cops, but who wouldn't catch them with a whole camera crew filming them? Deena tries to talk to a cop, but that's a serious no go.

Hung over the next day, Snooki and Ronnie head to the bar to drink it off. Snooki goes out and buys Ronnie a mini motorcycle, since he wanted one so badly.

Later, Mike, Pauly and Jenni head to their night shift. Pauly's good old stalker Vanessa shows up to the store. Jenni is completely creeped out and fed up, and calls her out. Even in conversation, Vanessa's just weird! And she needs to stop wearing that ugly Pauly D hat!

Vinny and Snooki head out to the boardwalk and walk around after Jionni hangs up the phone with her. Snooki wants to cuddle with Vin, which of course, Vinny takes her up on. I honestly want them to be together for real. They're mad cute together. If Snooki ever did break up with Jionni, I'm sure that she would get with Vinny in a heartbeat! I would too! Have you seen Vin's progression from Season 1 to now?!

Only 3 more episodes of the Shore left! Next Jerzday: Pauly's jealous that Snooki's been spending time with his man Vinny! People in the house don't trust Deena's boy Joey, and Deena wonders if he really likes her.  Vinny has an escapade with two lesbians???! Mike has his long-awaited talk with Jionni, and a fight goes DOWN with Mike and Snooki!!!

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