"Love At The Jersey Shore"-Jersey Shore S5, E7 (Recap)

Roger steps in when a fellow club-goer harasses JWOWW.Picking up from last Jerzday, Roger and Jenni are still having their phone convo. Jenni wanted a small apology from Roger for being late, and Roger goes off the deep end, since Jenni purposely hasn't been talking to him. However, Roger doesn't have time for that, and wants to know exactly where they stand, telling Jenni to get her insecurities together. Realizing that Roger is right, Jenni says that she loves him and wants to be with him, and they make up.

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Meanwhile, the Meatballs straight ran away from their shift last week, angering Danny. They make him a cake to apologize. By the next morning, somebody ate a piece, and, of course, all fingers point to Mike. Danny still accepts the cake, though.

Before work, Jenni and Snooki go to the doctor since Snook's been in pain for the last couple of days, with yet another UTI. As a result, the pair are both late, and Danny punishes them with some heavy labor. Back at the house, it turns out that it was PAULY that ate the cake. He sits down with Deena, hugs her, and admits it was him. Deena apologizes to Mike, but he's still pissed. Everybody does tend to blame him for everything, but what can you really expect when you act like a douchebag 85% of the time?

Later at Karma, it's Paula's (Mike's soon-to-be wifey's) birthday, and the house cheers to her! Snooki drinks...and drinks...and drinks, even though she's been ordered by the doctor not to! Ehh, she's Snooki. What can you do?

The next day, Deena talks with a hook up bud, Joey, and invites him to go to Jenks. While Mike, Jenni, and Snooki stay home, the rest of the house goes there. Ronnie gets mad drunk and starts dancing like crazy, and ends up falling. Joey and Deena are getting closer and closer, and Deena ends up bringing him home. Before heading to bed, Pauly surprises her with a bunch of crap in her bed--dirty dishes, protein shake powder, and a blender! Too, too funny! Joey and Deena head to the smush room, and Snooki tries to watch for a bit, before kinda throwing off the mood. Gotta admit, Joey and Deena are cute though!

Mike calls the Unit (who's been on vacation for the longest) to come down to spill his guts. Mike feels like "he owes Jionni the truth." Anything to start drama....

Later, the house makes plans to go to Karma, and Jenni wears a hot little number for Roger. Karma is absolutely insane! People are getting in crazy fights, but the rest of the house is having a good time. Jenni is paranoid that something's going to happen, especially since the dress she has on doesn't cover much! A guy grabs on her, sparking a fire in Roger, who tries to shove him off. However, the guy ends up throwing a punch, and...CLIFFHANGER.

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