"The Tricks Episode"-The Game S5, E7 (Recap)

Time for another recap on The Game! Picking up from last Game Day, the episode starts out with an interview with Malik and Tasha by the one and only Star Jones (who looked amazing by the way!). Malik apparently is living in a hotel now after he sold his house. Melanie and Derwin watch the interview and makes jokes about them.

Then it turns out that Malik and Derwin have actually been talking behind Melanie and Tasha's back. Since Melanie and Tasha are beefing, Malik and Derwin have to keep their reconciled friendship on the low Thank God that they are back as friends...I'm tired of all this tension!

Later, while hanging out with Derwin and Tee Tee, Malik throws a football down from the bleachers of the Sabers Stadium to a can down by the end zone. Tee Tee uploads it to YouTube, and fans go crazy for him. However, Malik knows that he won't be back on the field since he had sex with the owner's wife. As the trio celebrates the video's success. Melanie comes in to find them all together and gets angry. However, Derwin realizes that Malik needs to be on the team, and wanted to patch up the friendship. He suggests that Melanie do the same with Tasha. However, Melanie blames Derwin for the problems between her and Tasha, but he never told her to fire her, which is true. He just told her to tell Tasha that she had to choose between Malik and him. That goes into a discussion of how petty females can be over arguments, and how chill men can be, patching things up shortly after with some grunts and a fist bump or something. Haha SO TRUE!

Tasha eventually finds the video and gets on Malik for hanging out with Derwin, calling Melanie and Derwin the McCoys while Tasha and Malik are the Hatfields (here's an explanation of the feud Hatfields vs. McCoys). However, she sees the comments and comes up with the campaign WMD (What Malik Doing), which will offer more videos of Malik to keep the public talking about him, and wanting him back on the field.

Kwan comes over and tries to correct Derwin at practice, and Derwin lets him know that it's Kwan that's messing up. After practice, Irv tells Derwin that the video needs to be squashed, becuase Malik is going to try to use that to get back on the field. He also tells Derwin that he doesn't need to be hanging around Malik or make any comments about him.  Derwin makes a last minute comment to reporters to how great Malik is and how much he deserves to be on the field.

Later, Melanie meets up with Tee Tee, who thinks that it's a romantic endeavor. However, Mel wants to talk business. She wants to patch things up with Tasha, and Tee Tee tries. He offers Melanie a seat with them at a game later, and Melanie speaks to Tasha with the intent of healing their friendship. However, Tasha refuses.

The Sabers lose yet again, because of Kwon. Irv calms Derwin down, since Derwin wanted to go tell Kwan off, and tells him not to lose his temper, and, with that, his endorsements. Malik and Derwin are asked to come to the owner's office. Thinking that Mr. Keith saw the video and wants to reinstate Malik (especially with the Sabers losing), the two get really excited. Keith makes it clear that the team board isn't happy that the team is losing. In a last minute moment, Keith also calls up Kwan, and makes it clear that Malik is benched, and Kwan is the starting QB. And because Derwin backed Malik up with his comments, Derwin himself is now on notice. This is all so petty! I understand that Malik had sex with your wife, but it's obvious that this new dude ain't cutting it. Get past it, and do what you have to do for the team!

Derwin drives off angrily after the meeting, not even really speaking to Melanie. Melanie watches Tee Tee and Tasha drive off to go get wings in a happy moment. Melanie has a breakdown moment in her car.

This was honestly the best episode of The Game this season! It was a lot funnier, and had a lot of drama relative to the game itself, especially with this petty owner. I hate Michael Beach's character.

Next episode is in two weeks, with Melanie reaches out to Janay (since she has no other friends)!


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