"Higher Round"-The Game S5, E12 (Recap)

Every Tuesday is Game Day, and you know I have to do my recaps! Let me say before hand, that I know content is light these days on the blog (with really only the recaps up). You know the deal. I will officially graduate from college in.....*checks calendar* 52 days!!!! That being said, my school is making me WORK for my degree, plus outside projects and clubs, so I haven't been able to devote as much time to the blog as I would like. Forgive me....love yall always for reading :-)
Back to The Game! Picking up from last week, Derwin has a get together with Jason, Malik, and Tee Tee to hang out and play cards. Derwin is drinking, which is against his character. So, of course, everyone else wonders what's wrong. Derwin tries to play it off like he should be able to have a drink every once in a while, but then drops the bomb that Melanie can't have babies and walks away. He reveals that the couple is working on options as far as possibly adopting. Tee Tee brightens up the mood when a whole bunch of girls bring over food and get ready to party. 


"A Punch In The Gut...Full of Human"-The Game S5, E11 (Recap)

Picking up from last Game Day, a doctor brings in Melanie and Derwin, and lets them know that the in vitro didn't take. Instead, Melanie is diagnosed with endometriosis, meaning that she will have less than 10% chance of carrying a child to term.

Meanwhile Jason tries to get intimate with Chardonnay, but she refuses to have sex until she is sure that what they have is real. Chardonnay wants to go to Jason's launch party for his show, but Jason refuses to bring her, calling the party a NCZ (No Chick Zone). Of course, Chardonnay is upset and wonders if it's because she's holding out on him.


"Catfight on the Catwalk"-The Game S5, E10 (Recap)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from last week's episode, Melanie stresses about the fashion show backstage, really wanting to show Tasha up. She finds out that models are missing, and it turns out they're really over at Malik's.

Tasha shows to see it blow up in her face. Melanie purposely gives her terrible seats. Tasha sees Reynaldo out and about with another women, and is in breach of his contract with Tasha, since she paid him for exclusivity in their sexcapades.

Back at his spot, Malik attempts to have a foursome with three of the models, but struggles to perform...down there. One of the girls tries to be deep and give him advice, telling him to dig deep inside himself  and find out what is it that is keeping him from being able to fulfill.


"One Meatball Stands Alone"-Jersey Shore S5, E10 (Recap)

Snooki takes out her aggression during a food fight.It's Friday, meaning Jersey Shore recaps! Picking up from last Jerzday, Mike sits Jionni down "as a man," and tells him the rumors about Mike and Snooki are true. Jionni thanks him and shakes his hand, but doesn't believe it for a minute. When he tells Snooks, she is annoyed and has a small confrontation with Mike, but, all in all, they go about their business. 
After Snooki and Jionni leave to hang out on the boardwalk, Mike tells the guys what happened. Jionni and Snooki are both relatively calm about the situation, causing the guys to get suspicious. Pauly thinks that Jionni doesn't care because he's hooking up with other girls on the side since he stays in all the time supposedly.


"Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer"-The Game S5, E9 (Recap)

File:Thegame-titlecard.pngEvery Tuesday is Game Day, and every Wednesday I bring my recaps on The Game (I know I'm late)! Picking up from last week, Derwin approaches Janay about her engagement, and Janay tells him she has no plan to cancel her wedding. Honestly, Derwin really has no reason to be upset, other than the fact that he may still have feelings for Janay. Hmmm....

Later, Janay confronts Melanie about her telling Derwin. Janay states she had a moment of weakness in trusting Melanie. Mel is determined to make it right, mainly because she still wants Janay to be her "friend."

Read more below!


"It All Belongs To Me"-Brandy & Monica (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Brandy and Monica have officially dropped their video for their collaboration "It All Belongs To Me!" Can I say again how much I LOVE THEM! Brandy and Monica are two of the best vocalists in the game, and to see them working together again is great! I love the song, and the video definitely went along with the message of the song! And the pair looked AMAZING!

The duet, produced by Rico Love, will appear on Monica’s seventh album New Life coming out April 10, and Brandy’s RCA/Chameleon debut Two Eleven, coming this June.

Check out the vid for "It All Belongs To Me" after the jump!


"The Truth Will Set You Free"-Jersey Shore S5, E9 (Recap)

The Situation and The Unit search for Snooki and her boyfriend.
Picking up from last Jerzday, Snooki and Vinny come back from their little date, and Pauly jokingly gets jealous! 

Deena has a thing for this kid Joey, even though he cancels on her last minute to go to Jenks. MVPD go out to Jenks, while the rest of the house stays home. Pauly randomly sees Angelina (who we haven't seen since she left on Season 2) says hi and keeps it moving. Unfortunately for Mike and Pauly, by the end of the night, their DTFs don't work out (Mike's girl is shy, and Pauly's girl has her monthly visitor!) What a shame.


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