"Higher Round"-The Game S5, E12 (Recap)

Every Tuesday is Game Day, and you know I have to do my recaps! Let me say before hand, that I know content is light these days on the blog (with really only the recaps up). You know the deal. I will officially graduate from college in.....*checks calendar* 52 days!!!! That being said, my school is making me WORK for my degree, plus outside projects and clubs, so I haven't been able to devote as much time to the blog as I would like. Forgive me....love yall always for reading :-)
Back to The Game! Picking up from last week, Derwin has a get together with Jason, Malik, and Tee Tee to hang out and play cards. Derwin is drinking, which is against his character. So, of course, everyone else wonders what's wrong. Derwin tries to play it off like he should be able to have a drink every once in a while, but then drops the bomb that Melanie can't have babies and walks away. He reveals that the couple is working on options as far as possibly adopting. Tee Tee brightens up the mood when a whole bunch of girls bring over food and get ready to party. 

Over at Tasha's, she and Melanie have a slumber party, with matching pajamas, hair braiding, and all. A guy from room service, Ernesto, comes in with fruit and impresses the girls with his Latin flair and beautiful body. This sparks a conversation about sex, and Melanie asks Tasha how many guys she's slept with. Tasha tells her to pull out ONE post-it, and they will tally them up.

Back at Derwin's, more girls come over and Derwin is a drunken mess. He, of course, is emotional about not being able to have kids with Melanie. Jason tells him that kids are nothing but trouble. Look at Brittany now! But still, like I said in the last post, these two are married and in love. Who wouldn't want to continue that love with a new addition?

Later, Melanie uses up so many post-its on Tasha's sexcapades, it's ridiculous! (83 guys in total!). Of course, Tasha feels like a loose soul. Then Melanie confesses that because she had an abortion with one of the handful of guys she had sex with, now she and Derwin can't have kids. Though Melanie did what she thought was right, she blames herself and believes that, though he doesn't say anything, Derwin blames her too. Tasha comforts her.

Jason eat some of one girl's special brownies, which has marijuana in them. You never trust when somebody randomly brings over brownies! Malik, being sober, tries to settle everybody down. He is annoyed, and realizes that this is the same way he acted when he was drunk or a mess on pills.

Back at the sleepover, Tasha admits that the reason she moved out of Malik's mansion was because she was tired of coming home to a big house by herself. She is closing up shop, becoming celibate.  At that moment, Melanie gets social updates on the party at her house and freaks out, since she thought Derwin was only having the guys over. Tasha tells Melanie that she should allow Derwin to grieve the way he needs to. She also suggests that she should get someone to carry the baby for her. Melanie thinks that Tasha should be the surrogate. Tasha rejects the idea at first, but then says that she could do something meaningful instead of something that she would regret the next morning. As Melanie gets excited, Tasha is really contemplating the decision.

Later, Malik calls Jenna nice and sober, while Jason is high and Tee Tee and Derwin are passed out! Can I say how nice it is to see Malik's growth as a character? He's calmed down a lot, and I hope that when Jenna gets out of rehab, their relationship will be strong.

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