"Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer"-The Game S5, E9 (Recap)

File:Thegame-titlecard.pngEvery Tuesday is Game Day, and every Wednesday I bring my recaps on The Game (I know I'm late)! Picking up from last week, Derwin approaches Janay about her engagement, and Janay tells him she has no plan to cancel her wedding. Honestly, Derwin really has no reason to be upset, other than the fact that he may still have feelings for Janay. Hmmm....

Later, Janay confronts Melanie about her telling Derwin. Janay states she had a moment of weakness in trusting Melanie. Mel is determined to make it right, mainly because she still wants Janay to be her "friend."

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At the Drop Bar, Tasha's escort friend Reynaldo goes up to her and sparks a conversation. Malik walks up and questions him about what he does, and Reynaldo tells him that he's a relationship therapist. (Side note: In that moment, I realized that Hosea Chanchez (who plays Malik) and Carl Anthony Payne (Reynaldo) look dead like brothers!) Anyways, Tasha and Reynaldo go back to Tasha's apartment. Reynaldo wants to spend more time with her, and he is cool with just talking. However, Tasha takes it to the next level, with the couple spending the night together. The next morning, Reynaldo refuses to take her money, telling her this time was on the house.

Later, Derwin and Melanie go out for dinner and drinks, and Melanie surprises Derwin with Noah, wanting the guys to hash it out. Noah sits down and talks to Derwin about who he is, since Derwin is so against him being around DJ. The conversation gets a little heated, especially since Noah believes that perhaps Derwin may still be harboring feelings for Janay. When a guy starts filming the altercation, Noah bumps him, breaking his phone, which Derwin appreciates, and they walk back over to Derwin's table to finish their conversation. Later, when Melanie calls Janay to tell her she fixed everything, they make plans to go shopping for Janay's wedding dress.

Tasha heads to the Drop Bar to see Malik, and see Reynaldo soliciting a woman. Malik confronts him, since he doesn't know Reynaldo is an escort and believes he is cheating on Tasha. As they walk away, Malik  makes Tasha throws a drink in his face.

Later, when Melanie is supposed to meet up with Janay, Janay is nowhere to be found. Melanie ends up seeing her walking with a bunch of friends after going shopping. Janay "forgot" to tell Melanie that she was hanging out with them. Melanie believes that after fixing things between Derwin and Noah, Janay should have been a little happy to hang out with her. However, Janay thinks Melanie is hanging around  Janay thinks that she is a threat to her and Derwin's relationship, since Janay has his child. While Melanie has his heart, Janay hits her with a low blow, saying "That's all you can have." Melanie walks away.

At the end of the episode, Tasha decides that she wants to pay Reynaldo for exclusivity in the entire San Diego area, meaning that he can only be with her close to home.

Later, Derwin decides to go out with Noah. Melanie comes to the realization that she doesn't have any friends, and has a short cry into his shoulder. Seeing that Mel is upset, Derwin cancels with Noah and decides to take his "bestie" on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Vegas.

Next Game Day is the Sunbeam Fashion Show! Melanie really wants to hit Tasha where it hurts by putting together an amazing event. Seeing Reynaldo with another woman, Tasha puts her own business out in the open, by accidentally yelling into the microphone that she is not going to pay Reynaldo for sex anymore!


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