"One Meatball Stands Alone"-Jersey Shore S5, E10 (Recap)

Snooki takes out her aggression during a food fight.It's Friday, meaning Jersey Shore recaps! Picking up from last Jerzday, Mike sits Jionni down "as a man," and tells him the rumors about Mike and Snooki are true. Jionni thanks him and shakes his hand, but doesn't believe it for a minute. When he tells Snooks, she is annoyed and has a small confrontation with Mike, but, all in all, they go about their business. 
After Snooki and Jionni leave to hang out on the boardwalk, Mike tells the guys what happened. Jionni and Snooki are both relatively calm about the situation, causing the guys to get suspicious. Pauly thinks that Jionni doesn't care because he's hooking up with other girls on the side since he stays in all the time supposedly.

Later on at family dinner, Snooki proposes going camping. It's hard to imagine the cast going camping, with Pauly even saying it's not a guido thing. A bit after, Mike starts a food fight that turns personal between him and Snooki. Of course, Snooki has some pent up frustration about Mike telling Jionni that they hooked up, which Snooki claims is untrue. Sigh...at least this stupid mess is over. I stick by what I said from the very beginning. I personally think it did happen, because Snooki is TOO angry about this for it not to be true, but WHO CARES ANYMORE? That supposedly happened a year ago before they went to Italy. 

At the last day of work for the Meatballs and Ronnie, they talk about the camping trip. It's clear with the guidettes bringing tanning lotion and shampoo that they have no idea what they're in for.

After work, Deena calls Joey up to go get a bite to eat on the boardwalk. Deena feels like she's surrounded by couples, and she's tired of being single. She may just be rushing into a relationship because of it. Pauly and Vinny sit her down and have a hilarious conversation, yet being truthful. Joey doesn't deserve her. When Joey calls, Pauly tells him that Deena is sick, and Joey gets mad that he came all the way over here instead of wanting to see if Deena is all right. Jenni gets on the phone and puts him on blast, telling him essentially that he doesn't need to call anymore. That's family love right there!

Later that night, Deena wants Snooki to go out with her and cheer her up, but Snooki opts to stay home with Jionni, hurting Deena's feelings. Deena feels like ever since Snooki got into a relationship, she's made that a priority above their friendship. That's an age-old gray area. I understand where Deena is coming from, because you should always make some time for your friends. But also, you have to make time for your boyfriend as well.

MVP go to Aztec, while the rest of the house (minus Snooki and Jionni) go to Jimbo's. Deena vents her frustrations about Snooki not being there for her to Jenni.

The next day, Pauly and Vinny decide not to go camping, while the rest of the house rolls out. However, the two just wanted to stay home to pull a massive prank. They decide to put the house inside out, literally moving the furniture inside outside, and the outside furniture inside. They recruit Danny and a few employees to help them out, especially since Danny wants to get back at the Meatballs for leaving and being late for work all the time! Danny and his crew astroturf the inside of the house to make it look like the roof, and they pull the rest of the outside furniture inside. Good prank gentlemen!

While Pauly and Vinny put their elaborate plan into action, the rest of the house heads to the woods. At nightfall, Mike gets paranoid that there's somebody out there watching them. By the fire, Deena tells Snooki how she feels, and Snooki is upset that she's so hurt. The next day, you can tell that everybody needs to get home. Spiders and other insects are everywhere, and people are freaking out, getting annoyed with each other.

Back at the house, Pauly and Vinny chill in their inside jacuzzi (aka baby pool), and wait for the housemates to arrive!

Next Jerzday is the season finale of the Shore! And before that, at 7:30 p.m. ET, Snooki is going to come on and talk about her pregnancy/engagement which she confirmed to MTV a few days ago! Congrats Mama Snooki!!!


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