"Where Have You Been"-Rihanna (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Moments ago, Rihanna dropped her video for newest single, "Where Have You Been," featured on her latest album, Talk That Talk. Gotta admit, when I first bought the CD and listened to this track, I wasn't in love with it at first, but I definitely love it now! This video makes the song all the better!

This visual was great! The outfits were hot, the setting was exotic, and the dancing was amazing! Haven't seen Rihanna dance in a while now...she pulled it off pretty well. I guarantee that you'll hear this in the clubs for Summer 2012! Wonder if it will go to #1?

Check out the video for "Where Have You Been" below!


"Fits and Starts"-The Game S5, E16 (RECAP)

Thegame-titlecard.pngLawd yall....Loyola is killing me haha. But some announcements. I am hoping that The Spotlight will back in full FULL swing (not just Game recaps!) next week. It's been a juggling act, but as I prep to graduate (24 DAYS!!!), things will calm down within the next week or so, so I'll be able to get back to you guys! Also, be sure to follow JWWWD (the online mag that Spotlight falls under), Celebrity VIP Lounge (the other celebrity blog that I'm interning for!), as well as my new Tumblr, Living in the Spotlight!

On to The Game! I know I missed last week, but yall didn't miss much. Derwin dealt with more backlash from missing his block for Kwan, including from Melanie. Pookie and Tasha continue having their sexual tension, while Chardonnay hosts a party for Jason's friends. However, this week marked a major change for Derwin and his family that I knew was coming!


"Derwin's About To Go H.A.M."-The Game S5, E14 (Recap)

Every Tuesday is Game Day, which means time for my Game recap! Swear that there will be more than just recaps coming back soon! Have to get through this stressful week first!
Enough about me and my college senior woes....back to The Game! Picking up from last week, during a game, Kwan and Derwin get into a serious fight at halftime, with the Sabers obviously still on their terrible losing streak. Meanwhile, up in the box seats, Melanie is excited that Tasha agreed to carry her and Derwin's baby, but it seems like Tasha has some doubts about it.

During the game, Derwin missed a block for Kwan, and Kwan's knee gets messed up pretty bad. With Kwan out for the rest of the game (and possibly rest of the season), Malik finally gets put into the game! With Malik in the game, the Sabers made a historic comeback win!


"There's No Place Like Home"-The Game S5, E13 (Recap)

Picking up from last Game Day, Derwin's ghetto play cousin Jalil heads up to Melanie and Derwin's house while Melanie's alone. Of course, Melanie is freaking out at first, and calls the police. However, when Derwin gets home and explains who he is, Melanie is annoyed and wants him to leave. However, Jalil plans to "look into job prospects" and smash while he's out here, all while staying at Derwin's. 
Back at Malik's, he has let his mail pile up, which he "could've read on the bench" according to Tasha (mad low blow! haha). Malik is invited for a dedication to the library at his old elementary school, which will be in his name because of his continued generosity. Tasha wants to use the event to rehabilitate his image, but Malik refuses to go. He feels like he's supposed to go back to Richmond as a hero, not a benchwarmer. However, Tasha ends up convincing him to go.


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