"Derwin's About To Go H.A.M."-The Game S5, E14 (Recap)

Every Tuesday is Game Day, which means time for my Game recap! Swear that there will be more than just recaps coming back soon! Have to get through this stressful week first!
Enough about me and my college senior woes....back to The Game! Picking up from last week, during a game, Kwan and Derwin get into a serious fight at halftime, with the Sabers obviously still on their terrible losing streak. Meanwhile, up in the box seats, Melanie is excited that Tasha agreed to carry her and Derwin's baby, but it seems like Tasha has some doubts about it.

During the game, Derwin missed a block for Kwan, and Kwan's knee gets messed up pretty bad. With Kwan out for the rest of the game (and possibly rest of the season), Malik finally gets put into the game! With Malik in the game, the Sabers made a historic comeback win!

At a post-game press conference, reporters congratulate Derwin and Malik for the win, praising Malik with a proud Tasha standing by. However, with Derwin being the lead blocker for Kwan, many reporters question what really happened. Derwin missed the block, but the replay looked like Derwin could have easily blocked for him. Everyone knows that Kwan and Derwin have a bad relationship, and now people wonder if Derwin missed the block on purpose. Upset by everyone questioning him about the issue, Derwin decides to take no more questions, and walks off.

Later, Derwin becomes the subject of a lot of sports debate, even on The Pitts Stop. Melanie tries to get candy to make him feel better, and tells him that the media is only reaching for a story on him because they know that they have nothing bad on him. In media, there is always another story right around the corner, and Melanie tells Derwin that another leading sports story will take over soon enough. She even makes a bet that Malik will get in trouble agin and ruin his renewed superstardom! However, Jason runs a fake play on the show that showcases how Derwin idly stood by, missing the block, which upsets Derwin, and he walks away again.

That night, Melanie convinces Derwin to go out to dinner. Before they go, the couple heads to the gas station, where they encounter some Saber fans who heckle Derwin. A man even spits on the windshield of the car and calls him a disgrace. Later on, Malik tries to advise Derwin in the situation, telling him not to stress too much about it, and stop worrying about his squeaky clean image.

At the end of the episode, Melanie decides to have a "truth moment" with Derwin. At the same time, Derwin admits he missed the block on purpose, and Melanie says that she wants Tasha to be her surrogate. She can't believe that he would do that, and calls him an ass. However, Derwin is determined to keep his legacy alive by any means necessary, and Melanie lets him know that Kwan's career could be over for good because of "the legacy." Melanie is beginning to wonder if Derwin is holding her back from her dreams because of the legacy. Derwin refuses to have Tasha be the surrogate, and, yet again, walks away from the conversation, leaving Melanie upset and disappointed. I wasn't surprised that Derwin missed the block. I figured he did it on purpose from the minute Kwan was being escorted off the field. Not that the man deserved it, but now that he's out, Malik can play again. They needed to set that storyline up somehow.

There's rumors I read on different blog sites that it's possible that Melanie and Derwin might be headed for divorce. This is going to be the start of a very rough patch for them, but I will seriously be upset if a divorce happens! Every couple has their hard times, but Melanie and Derwin are meant to be, and have come too far in their relationship to split in my opinion. But you never know what these writers have up their sleeves! Hosea Chanchez (who plays Malik) announced last night on Twitter that BET has renewed the show for a sixth season, so there will be more drama to come!


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