"Fits and Starts"-The Game S5, E16 (RECAP)

Thegame-titlecard.pngLawd yall....Loyola is killing me haha. But some announcements. I am hoping that The Spotlight will back in full FULL swing (not just Game recaps!) next week. It's been a juggling act, but as I prep to graduate (24 DAYS!!!), things will calm down within the next week or so, so I'll be able to get back to you guys! Also, be sure to follow JWWWD (the online mag that Spotlight falls under), Celebrity VIP Lounge (the other celebrity blog that I'm interning for!), as well as my new Tumblr, Living in the Spotlight!

On to The Game! I know I missed last week, but yall didn't miss much. Derwin dealt with more backlash from missing his block for Kwan, including from Melanie. Pookie and Tasha continue having their sexual tension, while Chardonnay hosts a party for Jason's friends. However, this week marked a major change for Derwin and his family that I knew was coming!

But let's start from the beginning. While Pookie is packing to head back to Richmond, Tasha admits she doesn't want him to go. As the two continue to talk about their relationship, Malik interrupts as always (how he gets in, I don't know!). Pookie tells him that he and Tasha have been talking and may want to be more than friends. Malik forbids it, saying that Tasha drives men away (which can be true), and he doesn't want her to do the same thing with Pookie, who has been a stable father figure in his life.

Later, Janay comes over to talk to Melanie and Derwin while DJ is sleeping. As we know, Janay and her new boo Noah are getting married. Janay reveals that Noah got a job offer in New York, and, of course, Janay will go with him...along with DJ. Derwin, of course, goes off, because he is DJ's father, and wants to be involved in every aspect of his child's life. He refuses to have his son go anywhere and storms off. It's a tough situation, and I figured that something like that would happen when the show introduced Noah. While it's great that Janay is getting married and starting a new life with her man, Derwin is her child's father. A real father wouldn't want to be apart from his child, and definitely wouldn't want another man raising his son while he's away. It's hard to choose sides on this one.

While playing video games with Tee Tee, Malik vents about how he's upset with his mom for dating Pookie. Tee Tee gives it to him straight and tells him that he's selfish, and Pookie could be good for Tasha. Malik struggles to understand that, though.

The next day, Derwin and Melanie set up a tent inside for DJ to have some indoor camp fun. It brings Derwin back to his childhood. Mel brings up the issue of Janay and DJ moving to New York, and is concerned that Derwin will worsen the situation with them. Derwin says it's none of her business. While she tries to convince him, Derwin thinks that she is trying to push them away since DJ is not her son. Angered (especially because she has learned to love DJ like he's her own), she locks him inside the tent for a "timeout."

Back at Tasha's room, she and Pookie have a nice romantic dinner to celebrate his last night in San Francisco. Pookie tells her that he is enjoying his time with her, and wants to know if he can stay a little longer, which Tasha accepts. Tasha  admits that she is scared of this new love between them, and is used to being pushed off by men. As they continue their conversation, Malik interrupts again. He tells them that he can't stand in the way of true love, and gives them his blessing to date. After Malik leaves, Tasha and Pookie  try to have their first kiss, which is really REALLY awkward for them. Later, when Tasha tells Malik that it's not going to work, he gets mad because Pookie has been the only man in his life, and now thinks that Tasha messed it up.

Later, Derwin goes down to the Aqua Bar to meet with Janay. Derwin  admits that he realizes that they are in each other's lives forever. He gives her his blessing to take DJ to New York, and they both promise to work out arrangements for Derwin to be with his son as much as he can.

That night, Tasha takes Pookie to the airport, and they say their final goodbyes, which ended with the most romantic kiss ever. Basically because it wasn't planned. It just happened. Something tells me this isn't the end for them.

After meeting with Janay, Derwin tells Melanie that, during his "timeout," he thought about what she said. Melanie herself offers to work out arrangements so that Derwin can be with DJ as much as possible. Derwin admits that he is sad that he's not going to be around for DJ all the time like he's used to, but is also sad that it's been such a long time that he's been able to put a smile on Melanie's face. He gives her permission to have Tasha carry their baby, which makes Melanie's world!

Next week, Melanie informs Tasha that Derwin finally said yes on her carrying their baby. Chardonnay rides the bus and Jason informs her that his girl does not ride the bus, which sparks conflict about the commitment in their relationship. Until next Game Day!

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