"Move Trick, Get Out The Way!"-The Game S5, E21 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from last week's episode, Media Day comes to the Sabers Field, and asks all of the players questions. Derwin is clearly upset that Melanie is not by his side. Melanie does finally show up, but by the time she does, Derwin informs her that she's missed the entire day.

Back at the house, Melanie books a ticket for a late flight into D.C. to start her residency at Johns Hopkins, so she can see Derwin's championship game. Derwin has a conversation with Melanie expressing how upset he is about her not coming, and he's upset about her flying back and forth into D.C. He tells her that if she can't be there for her completely, then be gone.

After Media Day, Jason gets a call from Kelly and talks to her about "relationships." I'm thinking that he is trying to get back with Kelly, because he later goes over to Chardonnay's house, and tells her he wants to break up. He apparently can't do it anymore, saying that he's not ready to be in a relationship like this. Jason gives her the annulment papers to end their Tijuana marriage, and leaves, leaving Chardonnay in disbelief.


"Cold Swine Sucks...And So Does Falling in Love"-The Game S5, E20 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day, and we're one more episode away from the season finale! Picking up from last week, Tasha picks up Pookie's phone while he's in the shower and notices that it's from some girl telling him that she loves him!

Meanwhile, Melanie comes back to San Diego from D.C. and brings back Free from 106 & Park (who is on the DMV's own WPGC 95.5!). Using Free, Melanie tries to convince Derwin to play for the Redskins.

Tasha gets an attitude with Pookie after she sees all the texts from a girl that Pookie used to hang out with named Rasheida. Pookie tells her that she's a non-factor, but Tasha refuses to believe it.


"Let Them Eat (Cup) Cake!"-The Game S5, E19 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from the last episode, Tasha goes to a meeting with the Cupcakes, which is basically like Nympho Anonymous, (a celibacy group) and spills about her ENTIRE sex life! So much that the group gets tired and downright shocked after she reveals that she had sex with a prostitute, showing that she really has hit rock bottom. However, the group supports her and encourages her to "protect her cupcake." Dessert comes last! Haha nice way of putting it!
Meanwhile, Melanie has left to interview at the Johns Hopkins D.C. campus and leaves Derwin a voicemail to let him know that she made it to the East Coast safe. However, Derwin is crazy bitter and alone. He ignores her voicemail and goes to a typical party with some of the guys complete with groupies to ease his obvious pain (we all know he isn't much of a party-goer or a drinker).


"Breakthrough, Breakdown? Break- Through"-The Game S5, E18 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from last week, Malik randomly gets drunk and passes out on Tasha's floor, with Tee Tee and Tasha both kicking him while he's down. It's weird that Malik had a relapse on his drinking, when he had been doing so well with sobriety!

At the Sunbeam meeting, Melanie gets annoyed with the pettiness and complaining in the group and goes off on them. You can tell that she's just frustrated with her own life and is unhappy. She quits the Sunbeams and angrily kicks them out of her house.

Back at Malik's, he and Tee Tee try to figure out what triggered his drinking. Malik looks in his suit jacket for clues and finds he spent $2,000 at the Aqua Bar, only he can't remember who he spent all of that with. He goes down there and talks to Chardonnay, who apparently he groped last night in his drunken state. Turns out he was with Roger Keith, the owner of the Sabers. Chardonnay tells him that he didn't start drinking until after Roger left though, and actually did run that tab by himself. So now they have to figure out what Roger said that would make him drink like that.


"A Woman's Right to Choose Herself"-The Game S5, E17 (RECAP)

Picking up from last Game Day, Pookie and Tasha have a romantic night with a star lamp in her room Melanie comes and interrupts the flow, and informs her that Derwin said yes on Tasha having their baby. Melanie takes away Tasha's alcohol, and plans to give her prenatal vitamins and other vitamins to get her ready, as well as a list of food to avoid. You can tell that Tasha was having second thoughts, especially now that Pookie is in the picture again.                 

Back at her house, Chardonnay ran short on cash, and decided to put her paycheck toward saving up for a spa (rightly titled Spa-donnay) rather than paying her electric bill (Oooook???). Even though we all know how cheap Jason is, he give her the money for her electric bill, which Chardonnay accepts as a loan.


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