"Breakthrough, Breakdown? Break- Through"-The Game S5, E18 (RECAP)

Every Tuesday is Game Day! Picking up from last week, Malik randomly gets drunk and passes out on Tasha's floor, with Tee Tee and Tasha both kicking him while he's down. It's weird that Malik had a relapse on his drinking, when he had been doing so well with sobriety!

At the Sunbeam meeting, Melanie gets annoyed with the pettiness and complaining in the group and goes off on them. You can tell that she's just frustrated with her own life and is unhappy. She quits the Sunbeams and angrily kicks them out of her house.

Back at Malik's, he and Tee Tee try to figure out what triggered his drinking. Malik looks in his suit jacket for clues and finds he spent $2,000 at the Aqua Bar, only he can't remember who he spent all of that with. He goes down there and talks to Chardonnay, who apparently he groped last night in his drunken state. Turns out he was with Roger Keith, the owner of the Sabers. Chardonnay tells him that he didn't start drinking until after Roger left though, and actually did run that tab by himself. So now they have to figure out what Roger said that would make him drink like that.

At the bar that night, Jason sees Chardonnay flirting with other men at the bar, and struggles with seeing other men have her attention.

Back at her house, Melanie wallows in her misery and Derwin gets upsets that she quit the Sunbeams without talking to him. Melanie expresses again how unhappy she is, and says that she wants to go back to Johns Hopkins and finish her residency. Derwin calls her selfish seeing as though his career is based in San Diego, but I think it's selfish of him. Yes, Melanie knew what she was getting into, but that doesn't mean that she should completely shut down her dreams for him. I wouldn't. I couldn't.

Later, Jason gives Chardonnay the cold shoulder later and gets upsets that Chardonnay didn't claim him. However, she expresses it's all an act to make the men at the bar feel important at that very moment...and get her tips! Make your money Chardonnay!

Back at Tasha's, Melanie expresses her frustrations to Derwin. Tasha takes Derwin's side, and says that Melanie's not being grateful for what she has with Derwin. Melanie believe she's a slave to his career. Melanie wonders why she shouldn't be allowed to put herself first just like Tasha did. However, Tasha tells her she has to make a choice between possibly her marriage or career.

At the next Sunbeam meeting, many of the Sunbeams express their unhappiness with their lives, including Tasha who is upset with Malik wasting his time drinking.

Malik still questions what he was doing with Roger Keith. When Tee Tee turns on the TV, and hears that Kwan will miss the rest of the season, and Malik will be the star quarterback again, Malik pulls out a bottle. Tee Tee realizes that that's what triggered his drinking again. Malik's afraid of the pressure of being quarterback again, but Tee Tee encourages him.

Later that night, Jason shows up at the Aqua Bar and throws Chardonnay off her game by showing his wedding ring to the paying customers. Jason, surprisingly, makes plans to buy bottle service AND tip (surprising from his cheap behind), and admits doesn't want other men to get Chardonnay's attention. She heard him say I love you on the bus last week, but doesn't respond. She tells him she will let him know in her own way when she's ready.

Derwin reveals to Melanie later that half of the team didn't show up for practice because of the Sunbeam meeting, which revealed some secrets, upsetting Derwin even more. Melanie reveals her heart wants her to go to Johns Hopkins to finish her residency and admits that she is willing to go alone to finish her dream. Derwin angrily gets her suitcase and storms out of the room.

Am I the only one who thinks that Derwin is being completely selfish here? I guess it's because I'm working toward reaching my own goals, and could never put them completely on the back burner. Yes, Derwin has a  career in San Diego, but does that mean that Melanie shouldn't be able to do what she loves as well. I think he should be willing to compromise. If she wants to go to Johns Hopkins, she should be able to go, and he should be happy that she is working towards something in her life instead of being content spending all of his money. He needs to have Skype sessions and go out to visit her, just like he plans to do with DJ. I guess he just doesn't want to be alone, but still! Ok, rant over haha! Can't wait to see what happens next week!


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